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From short sprints in the Caribbean to long hauls in South America and Alaska, here are some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
In the latest news roundup, cruise lines get shipshape after the hurricane season, Wynonna Judd sings, Katie Couric becomes a godmother, Cruise West smartens up, Clipper Cruise Lines tunes up, and HAL tunes in.
In today's world, with wars being waged over ideology, with both international and domestic relations strained till we're all red in the face, it's pleasant to think of something that can bring us all together under one big tent, to create a true community of brothers.
No matter where you go in Southeast Asia you'll see a fascinating m¿lange of ancient cultures and customs thriving alongside the new. Wildly ornate temples dating back a millennium rub shoulders with towering office buildings, while bicycle rickshaws and rickety buses share narrow streets with shiny new cars. Vietnam is a particularly alluring destination, and more and more South Asia cruise itineraries are including calls there.
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Reader's Voice
From Cheri Irwin: "I am thinking of planning a spring break trip for myself, my daughter, and a few of her friends and their parents. We are considering a cruise, which I have not done before. Has anybody had any experience with something like this? Any suggestions on where to go and which cruise line to use?"
From Florence B.: "I am in the process of choosing a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest sometime in the early fall and would like to know if anyone has been on either the Vantage Deluxe World Travel or Grand Circle Travel (GCT) river cruise? Thanks for your input."
From catherine a.: "I'm trying to decide between the NCL Spirit (supposed to be their newest ship) and the Holland American Volendam for a cruise in November. I'm torn because while I like the itinerary of the NCL ship better, it seems from reading these message boards that HAL is preferable -- the food is much better and the ships are nicer. Any advice would be most appreciated. Another issue is that while the NCL offers freestyle dining, HAL doesn't and we are a little shy about eating with other cruisers. Will HAL let us have a table for two? Thanks so much for any help you give!"
From sandy thom: "Has anyone traveled on RCL Voyager of Seas lately? We just got back from a Caribbean cruise and were a little disappointed. The food and service were only fair; little amenities have disappeared; departure from ship in Bayonne very chaotic. Other people on ship shared same experience. Does anyone have any comments on this ship or on RCL in general? We took Celebrity last year and found the two lines to be like night and day. Hope to get some feedback; thanks."
From jley: "We had a terrible disembarkation experience after our Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Mercury (August 27th sailing). The short story is that they made us wait for more than 5 hours on-board and at the Vancouver pier terminal, AND they misplaced our luggage! It wasn't only a few of us, it was a group of about 30 people!"

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