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If you'd like to have your marriage and honeymoon all in one, you can legally get hitched on many cruises, either aboard ship or at one of your ports of call. Here's what you must plan for.
Disney has been doling out news about "Dream" in tantalizing, well-spaced little dollops -- until last week when it backed up and unloaded a veritable dump-truck of information on us.
Cruise lines make it easy to keep you from being completely at sea with yourself while you're at sea. Here's what type of activities you can expect and tricks you need to watch out for.
Starting in May of 2010, half of the itineraries of "Oasis of the Seas" become cruises to nowhere.
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Sunrise in New York's harbor from a cruise ship early in the morning Sunrise in New York's harbor from a cruise ship early in the morning
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Reader's Voice
From hometoitaly: "Several posts have covered repositioning cruise but can anyone suggest cruise lines who do NOT charge double for a passenger traveling alone."
From Peral: "I know if I'm traveling northbound to Alaska the Starboard (right) side is best for viewing the coast but since we are two couples I was thinking of getting a cabin on each side."
From Lynz: "I've booked a Western Mediterranean cruise (Italy, France and Spain) for April of 2010. It's really important to me that the weather is warm enough ..."
From JoFun: "We'll be docking for 7 hours ... and would like to know if there are any internet cafes or starbucks near the dock that we can walk to."

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