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Cruise West puts summer outings to Alaska on sale now, Norwegian Coastal Voyage offers discounts to repeat customers and we report on a wealth of discounts from online providers.
The Mexican island of Cozumel, the #1 cruise port in the western Caribbean, continues to bounce back from the drubbing it took at the hands of Hurricane Wilma. Last week, after a frantic cleanup, the port officially reopened to cruise ships, welcoming thousands of passengers.
EasyCruise opens up the Caribbean to a typically younger (and poorer) crowd, the Spirit makes a home in NYC, SeaDream heads to South American and more in this round-up.
A small ship offers a small-town experience, where you know your neighbors and the pace is slow and easy.
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Reader's Voice
From Bliss1952: "Here's my question. I have cruised many times on Royal Caribbean, and the beds were all really bad. I thought that was just cruise ships. Then, this year, we did a Mediterranian cruise on Holland America's Westerdam, and the mattress was to die for! Does any one know which lines and ships have outstanding mattresses and beds? I'll never cruise with a bad bed again! Please help!"
From wallace: "I just heard about this site Cruisecompete.com. Has anyone used it? How (and how well) does it work?"
From rodjung: "We plan to take a cruise on Celebrity's Mercury out of Seattle next June. Anybody have tips for getting the best price on this cruise? On airfare to/from BWI? On a less expensive hotel in Seattle? I discovered that Cruisediscounter.com aka Cruiseforless.com offers the normal 'discounted' cruise rates, plus a $150 shipboard credit for each stateroom on the Mercury cuise we're interested in taking. It sounds like a good deal! Too good to be true?"
From Mikal: "We just returned from a Mediterranean Cruise on Holland America's Rotterdam. Although there were many great experiences, the ship did not meet our expectations. This was due to misrepresentations (pre-booking info from HA's Cruise book, on their web site, and on customer service phone calls)pertaining to the stateroom; which turned out to be significantly smaller than expected and had portholes instead of windows. In addition, the ship had severe problems with plumbing (lots of buckets in hallways and our toilet non-functioning 1x, plus smells in hallways). I have been on many cruise ships, including HA, and this is the one-time I feel the need to complain. HA is recognized for great staffing, which is well-deserved and there were many good experiences on the ship; but, it is disappointing to pay for something one does not get. Will probably not travel HA again."
From bonitaly: "Has anyone sailed this Royal Caribbean ship since its remodeling? Please post any information you can about the cabins, food, excursions and the like. Thank you so much."

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