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Canadian Sailing Expeditions halts its Newfoundland excursions, while the "Oasis of the Seas" is still absolutely enormous.
From searching out washing machines to saying to to "art" auctions, here are six ways to avoid onboard money pits during your next cruise.
Today, practically everybody has a website, and the difference between so-called web-based cruise sellers and more traditional travel agencies can be blurry to the beginner. Here's what to look out for.
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From pgale: "All three of these cruise lines (RC, Carnival and Princess) are pretty similar in cost and destinations. I am assuming that there is a difference in food quality and amenities."
From detype: "I'm wondering if anyone has cruised this area and has any advice on the ports of call. We will spend two days prior and two days after in Barcelona."
From peeky: "Is it safe and advisable to book tours from the ports on your own and take taxis as we do in the Caribbean?"
From ptmurray: "If we can only do the partial crossing will we be missing out? If we dock in Cristobal Pier/Colon how long would it take us from the ship to Corundu?"
From AlanR: "A recent cruiser found no vegetarian menu on Celebrity, but rather a few items sprinkled among the main menu. Does anyone have experience or thoughts?"

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