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Seven U.S. destinations where families can take a step backward and immerse themselves in early American history.
Want to be a star? Where to find family-friendly activities in Los Angeles that'll leave the kids with lifelong memories.
If your children think eggs and milk come from the local Safeway, then it's time to roll up your sleeves and settle into a family farm vacation.
Exposed to new and interesting stuff, kids are like sponges -- including the ability to become over-saturated. Here are six suggestions for finding outdoor fun in museum-rich cities.
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Reader's Voice
From lsdourte: "Is this a safe destination for children from the U.S.? I have heard wonderful travel stories, but none seem to mention taking kids."
From allyla: "Friends have expressed concern about the trip due to the current crime rate and problems."
From Alicia C/H: "Any suggestions on things to do and places to eat? It will be our first time there, so general suggestions are appreciated too."
From tepi: "My two teenage girls and I want to go someplace fascinating and culturally authentic for two weeks in December."
From chattyts: "I can't get over how expensive it is, but we are willing to pay to stay in a nicer hotel."

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