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Here are some tried-and-tested advice from experts and readers for how to make the most of your family's time on the open road.
Bad weather can't spoil a family vacation: The U.S. has dozens of sensational and educational children's museums dotted around the country. Here's what's on offer at a select favorite few this fall.
This part of Virginia's Piedmont region is a pastoral paradise 75 miles west and worlds away from Washington, D.C. crazies and Capitol Hill pork-barrel shenanigans.
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From debbier: "We have a rental car and are staying at Bunratty Castle townhouses. We are willing to travel as much as possible to see the sights."
From 3TexPats: "Wondering if the Fairmont has a slight edge with location, as we are looking not to just park on the beach, but to enjoy the many attractions such as Xel Ha, Xcaret, etc."
From Juliemac100: "We have a total of 22 nights in Australia, plus travel to and from UK. We are a family of two adults and two kids who will be 13 and 10."
From cam1206: "What I want to know is, what was your child's favorite part about their trip to NYC, or do you wish to have done something different?"

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