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500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up highlights the best trips for parents and children alike, including these four excellent sites for theater and movie history -- and present.
On the western shore of the Potomac River lies historic Old Town Alexandria, founded in 1749. Once considered just a day trip for families staying in D.C., the area holds its own, thanks very much, as a destination unto itself.
Even in the shakiest economic times, savvy families can always find ways to shave pennies, dollars, and even hundreds of dollars off their travel spending. Here's how.
Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it's still the best time of year to brave the elements, get outdoors, and take in all that the seasonal celebrations have to offer.
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From Mike Kawasaki: "As a side note, I have two daughters aged 8 and 9. We would like to be in a place with family activities."
From rt: "What is near Prague and would be a great please for a three day trip? We'll be a family of four, 21 and 12 year old children."
From Ginger46: "My daughter has cystic fibrosis so we will be using a wheelchair for her since there is so much walking. My question is should we do a tour group?"
From Travelingmom4: "My husband & I are considering a LONG flight with our toddler daughter. She has flown before & was very good, but it was a 4 hour flight. This one will be 2 hours, then a short layover, & 7 hours on top of that. Any advice or suggestions?"

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