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What to buy and eat at the best holiday markets in Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Spain, and other countries around the world.
What's the best way to see the Smoky Mountains with the family? Our resident expert guides a family along their way.
A number of resorts around the U.S. are planning over-the-top events that promise more bang for your buck during the holidays.
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An afternoon rainbow in Maui An afternoon rainbow in Maui
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Reader's Voice
From isamom: "We are a family group of four very middle-aged adults and my 20-year-daughter. I'm thinking Salerno might be a viable base for a few days. Any thoughts?"
From Ajit: "We are a family of 4 (the kids are 13 and 18) who wants to spend Dec. 31 in a nice hotel in Times Square or around. We're budgeting around $400-$500 per night."
From lisaev: "My family and I are trying to find something to do on Christmas Day other than a service at Westminster Abbey. Are there any other authentic experiences?"
From LodiGrapePicker: "My wife, our 6-year-old daughter, and I are looking for a family-friendly spot with snorkeling and kid-friendly beaches. We're considering St. Lucia or the Turks and Caicos.

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