A woman rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park located outside Eugene, Oregon

5 Ways to Hike and Climb Around the World

Hikers and climbers of all skill levels know that getting to the top of the mountain is just part of the journey. These five expeditions will help you reach your climbing goals, however high they are. The expert guides of these programs maintain safety and pacing while exploring culture and history with you as well. Whether you’re looking for a mountain in the clouds or a volcano a little closer to the ground, find a hiking trip that’s suitable for your experience level. Get lost in the scenery, but don’t get lost on the trails!
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
What: Climb Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimajaro, on a 7-day expedition. Chagga Tours will not only help you climb the mountain safely, but will also include stops highlighting cultural achievements.
Where: All tours start at Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
When: Throughout the year
Contact: Africa Point (tel. 800/480-3919; www.africapoint.com; info@chagga-tours.com)
Initiation Program, Cotopaxi, Ecuador
What: With little or no climbing experience, you can take on the world's highest active volcano, Mt. Cotopaxi (19,000 feet) on a seven-day trip.
Where: Expeditions depart from Quito, Ecuador.
When: Throughout the year
Contact: Terranova Trek (tel. +593/2-254-7921 ext. 108; www.terranovatrek.com; info@terranovatrek.com)
Yundola, Bulgaria
Mountains of Bulgaria
What: A nine-day tour hiking along stunning and remote mountain trails in the Rila and Pirin National Parks, including taking on the summit of Vichren at 9,561 feet.
Where: Tour departs from Sofia, Bulgaria.
When: Check online for upcoming tours.
Contact: Mountain Hiking Holidays (tel. 800/313-0345; www.mountainhikingholidays.com)
Outside Queenstown, NZ
Southern Alps Trek
What: Discover the majesty and sheer beauty of the Southern Alps of New Zealand on an six-day expedition including three heli-hikes scaling peaks over 6,500 feet.
Where: Tour departs from Christchurch and ends in Queenstown.
When: Throughout the year
Contact: Adventure South (tel. 866/479-9827; www.advsouth.co.nz; guide@advsouth.co.nz)
Lower Kananaskis Lake
Gerry M. Bates
Hiking Tour at Mt. Assiniboine, Canada
What: A four day guided trek in the Canadian Rockies conquering Mt. Assiniboine, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and famous for its sub-Alpine meadows and hiking peaks which lie below the Matterhorn-like summit.
Where: Tour begins in Canmore, 65 miles west of Calgary.
When: Trips begin on Sundays from July to September
Contact: White Mountain Adventures (tel. 800/408-0005; www.whitemountainadventures.com; info@whitemountainadventures.com)