The Best Las Vegas Buffets Cover Photo (Desserts)

Endless Eating: The Best Las Vegas Buffets

By Tiffany Lew
The first permanent Las Vegas buffet opened in the early 1940s at the original El Rancho Vegas hotel. It was originally priced at $1. Today, buffets are synonymous with Vegas, and prices are typically over $40 per person. Here are some of the best buffets for overall dining experience, seafood options, and ambiance.
Wicked Spoon entrance
Stefan Krasowski
Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan
The lines for this buffet are typically short (or nonexistent), but the presentation abounds. It's the first Vegas buffet to feature food in individual tiny pots, pans, and steamers. (Bacchanal at Caesar's has since implemented the concept.) Come here especially if you have a sweet tooth, as it has a large selection of gelato and macarons. (
Bacchanal Buffet interior
Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace
Be prepared for wait times around an hour at Caesar's Palace newly revamped buffet, which re-opened at the end of 2012 after Lago Buffet was overhauled. Bacchanal doesn't skimp on seating or food options -- it holds up to 600 guests and has over 500 dishes. Most notable is its fresh seafood selection including chilled king crabs. (
Bayside Buffet entrance
MGM Resorts International
Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay
While nothing really stands out at Bayside Buffet, it's a safe bet for large groups with its wide selection of prime rib, crab legs, and shrimp, and unlimited alcohol. Guests also have a direct view of Mandalay Bay's tropical water garden. (
Crab legs at Village Seafood
Village Seafood at Rio
This staple buffet, just off the strip, has been around for decades. While other Vegas buffets have since incorporated extensive seafood options, Village Seafood was the original, focusing solely on it. At about $40 per person, the price includes lobster tails, snow crabs, oysters, and sushi. (
Carnival World Buffet interior
John Pozadzides
Carnival World Buffet at Rio
Carnival World Buffet (the counterpart of Village Seafood) is a good option for those who are not fans of seafood and would rather enjoy a traditional meal with comfort foods. The buffet, which includes staples such as pizza, pasta, omelets, and Asian cuisine, is about $35. Ideal for families with children or those wanting to spend slightly less on a Vegas buffet. (
The Buffet at Wynn interior
The Buffet at Wynn
The colorful, intricately-decorated centerpieces and high ceilings welcome guests into a grand setting, although the seating is a bit awkward with chairs and tables seemingly placed haphazardly. While the atmosphere may have a more lasting impression, culinary highlights include prime rib and Alaskan crab legs. (
The interior of The Buffet at Bellagio
Anthony Quintano
The Buffet at Bellagio
One would expect The Buffet at Bellagio to reflect its opulent surroundings (it's located near the "O" Theater) but don't come here for ambiance as the setting is dated. The Buffet is in the process of revamping its menu, but there are still some notable gourmet options on weekends, including carved-to-order Beef Wellington with béarnaise sauce, and caviar. (