Elvis welcomes visitors to Las Vegas
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7 Fabulous Free Things to Do In Las Vegas

Sure, you can lose your kids' college fund in a night in Las Vegas. But Sin City also has some darn great free attractions. In this slideshow, we count down our favorite ways to wile away the evening without spending a dime.
The dancing waters in front of the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas
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Watching the Waters Dance

The intricately choreographed water ballet that is the Fountains at Bellagio would be worth repeated viewings even if they charged to see it. The fact that they don’t makes it an almost perfect Vegas experience.

A floral display at the Bellagio
Jim G./flickr
Enjoying the Changing of the Seasons

There are five seasons in the elaborately designed botanical gardens of the Bellagio Conservatory: Winter (holiday), Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, and Fall. No matter which is on display during your visit, make sure your digital camera has a full battery charge. You’ll want lots of pictures.

The Mirage Volcano erupts
Nan Palermo/flickr
Seeing a Volcano Erupt

When the free Mirage Volcano first “erupted” in 1989, shooting flames and faux lava into the sky, it literally stopped traffic on the Strip. That it doesn’t today only means that it has more competition for your attention, not that it is any less fun.

Crowds enjoy the light show in downtown Las Vegas
Steven Gitter/Flickr
Watching the Sky Light Up

Many people considered it almost sacrilegious to convert the famed Glitter Gulch in Downtown Vegas into a pedestrian mall with a free light-and-sound show broadcast on a massive LED canopy overhead. Now the Fremont Street Experience is considered a must-visit.

A slot machine
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Playing a Penny Slot

Yes, in order to win the big bucks—sometimes millions of them—on a modern penny slot you have to bet much more than just one penny. But if you’re okay with smaller rewards and losses, you could stretch a dollar into 100 spins.

Players hit the pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame
Marcin Wichary/flickr
Beating the High Score

It’s free to just look at the restored classic machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame, and if you want to do more than just look, it’ll only cost you a couple of quarters. What other museum lets you play with its works of art?

The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Making Your Own Postcard

Just down the road from the southern-most edge of the Strip is one of the most photographed and imitated signs in the world. Get a picture of you at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, and you’ll have a postcard-worthy souvenir.