Zebras in Tanzania
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Pauline Frommer's Travel Resolutions for 2015

“Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual," wrote the brilliant Mark Twain. But for once, I’m going to ignore Mr. Samuel Clemens’ advice, because these travel resolutions could make my (and your) life on the road better in the coming year. 
A Medieval Dinner Party
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To Make Friends of My Friends of Friends
I plan to work my social networks 'til they sweat so wherever I go, I find a local to meet and take out for a meal. There’s nothing like getting an insider's perspective and making a genuine human connection when you’re in a new place. Next year, each trip will involve a mystery dinner date!
A jogger at dusk
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To Sculpt Off One Inch On Either Side of My Hips, So I Fit Better in Those Ever-Shrinking Airline Seats
Okay, so this is the typical losing weight resolution. But since I’m most likely to go hog wild when I’m away from home, it works as a travel resolution, too. For me, this will mean carrying my sneakers everywhere so I can squeeze in workouts even on the most packed days; trying to get as excited about the local fruits and vegetables as I usually am about pastries and bon bons; and doing my darndest to estimate the calories of my food even if it means grilling the waiter—knowledge is power when it comes to weight loss on the road.
An electrical outlet
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To Become a Power Philanthropist
No more hogging the outlets at the airport! I’m going to carry a small outlet multiplier, so that I can share the juice with my fellow flyers.
A bus in Guatemala
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To "Green" My Travels
Trains instead of planes, buses instead of rental cars, locally owned stores instead of multinational chains: Whenever I can, I'll take the ecologically sound option. And the more I walk, the more my thighs (may) shrink! (See resolution #2).
A book on the beach
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To Read More Travel Literature
In just the last year, Kelsey Timmerman, Jen Lin Liu, David Greene, Ann Mah, Alastair Bonnett, Wayne Curtis, and a number of others have written wonderful books that explore what exploring the world can do for your life. These books run the gamut from memoirs to explanations of anthropology to truly riveting histories. As a member of the travel writing community, I want to support these brilliant writers by buying their work.
A sunset framed by Queen Anne's Lace
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To Remember That Even Short Trips Are Worthwhile
I want to get out of the mindset that it’s not really travel if I head out of my home city for an afternoon. The truth is I can have experiences as exotic and fun within ten miles of my home as I can more than 100 miles away.
Toys with a toy suitcase
To Pack Even Lighter
I only own a carry-on bag, so I can’t go too crazy. But lately I noticed that even though it's small, I’ve still been stuffing it to the gills with items that I never end up wearing and weigh me down. So I’ll get out the old pen and paper next year, make a packing list, and stick to it.
A hand unplugging a computer
To Unplug
The hardest resolution of all! Though I doubt I’ll have the willpower to leave my cell phone at the hotel, I’ll try to leave it off for hours a day so that I can actually be in the places I visit.

Happy New Year to All! I hope to see you all on the road in the coming year.