The Best Sights of Iceland

Photographs by Chris Burkard
Talented outdoor photographer Chris Burkard has been to Iceland more than 16 times, and he loves sharing his passion for the dramatic vistas of this island nation. In an exclusive to Frommer's, he shares his favorite places to visit—and his gorgeous images of them.

This photo: "Vik is a small coastal town at the very southern tip of Iceland. Hope to some of the softest wool sweaters, freshest dairy, and the best waves on the island."—Chris Burkard
"One of the best camping spots on the lower part of the island, Kirkjufjara is a south-facing peninsula that has a 360-degree view of the surrounding wetlands, glaciers, black sand beaches and, depending on the time of year, thousands of puffins." —Chris Burkard
"This gigantic waterfall is one of the most accessible destinations in Iceland. Just a half mile from the main highway, Skogafoss deposits millions of gallons of melted ice from the glacier on Mt. Eyjafjallajokull to the river 200 feet below. I have spent a lot time at this waterfall, I can’t wait to get back." —Chris Burkard
"On the east coast of Iceland, you can find this epic beach. Hofn is home to some sport climbing, surfing, camping, and pretty much any other adventurous thing you can think of. I love the way the mountains plummet to the sea below." —Chris Burkard
"Visiting this waterfall gives you such a scale of how small you are. A massive canyon eats up a huge glacial river and you can walk right up to the edge of it." —Chris Burkard
Jokulsarlon Icebeach
"Ice from the largest glacier in the Europe is deposited via the smallest river in Europe onto the beach below. It’s kinda hard to get, so you have to go there to see it for yourself. Huge icebergs of all shapes and sizes are dumped on to the volcanic sand beach. Though they are dangerous and slippery, you can always find a few to play on." —Chris Burkard

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"One of the first major sites when leaving Reykjavik, this thin waterfall streams down into a perfect pool. The coolest part is that you can walk 360 degrees around the waterfall. It’s an epic way to get a rare view." —Chris Burkard
"Gljufurafoss is a secret little slot canyon waterfall that is hard to miss. It’s a mile past Seljalandsfoss and is tucked away in a little grotto that shields this waterfall from view." —Chris Burkard 
U.S. Navy Plane crash site
"An eerie location, this plane crash [from 1973, near Sólheimasandur] is on a vast series of black sand dunes where the wind howls up to 150mph. It’s an interesting way to be a part of history." —Chris Burkard
"A perfectly scenic canyon surrounds this hot spring that was built in 1923. You can’t pass this up." —Chris Burkard
"A giant glacier dumps icebergs into this lake. You can kayak, row, paddle, or jump into this body of water. I can say that it is one of the most unique experiences I have ever been a part of." —Chris Burkard

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