A photo a biker riding a trail in Cappadocia
Cycle Active, Flickr

Where to Find the World’s Best Mountain Biking

There’s little to compare with the rush of shredding down a steep hill at breakneck speeds on a mountain bike. As a way of getting close to nature, exploring out-of-the-way villages, and trekking through isolated canyons, it really can’t be beat. It’s also one of most economical and eco-friendly ways to see the world while burning calories (instead of gasoline) and getting into great shape. The following destinations stand out as some of the most exotic and thrilling rides on the planet. 

Photo Editing by Ross Walker

An aerial photo of Piemonte, Italy
Soumei Baba, Flickr
Mountain Villages in the Piemonte, Italy

This ancient land, steeped in European history and culture, also offers some of the best mountain biking on the continent. If you like to take it easy and drink in the culture (and the phenomenal wines), a number of tours concentrate on ancient hill towns and the rich farms and forests of the Po Valley. When you’re ready for more adventure, head uphill toward the Italian Alps, where historic forts loom atop steep hills, and tall bridges span vast canyons. www.italiantourism.com.

A photo of a sign on Pearl Pass
Flickr, Trailsource.com
Pearl Pass in Colorado, U.S.A

 This ride is legendary among mountain bikers, who first attempted the nearly 40-mile (64km) crossing in 1976, riding only jury-rigged cruisers with fat tires. Starting in Crested Butte and finishing in posh Aspen, the ride took those intrepid adventurers a couple of days of huffing and puffing their way on unpaved jeep roads over this 12,705-foot (3,800m) pass. Their initial feat has become an annual event, usually taking place in late summer. This ride is definitely not for those who are faint of heart or lung—it’s rugged, steep, and has unpredictable weather—but riders are rewarded with spectacular scenery. www.visitcrestedbutte.com.


A photo of a road in Texas Hill Country
Todd Morris, Flickr
Dodging Cow Pies in the Texas Hill Country, U.S.A.

The rocky, semi-arid terrain and sunny climate of the Texas Hill Country makes for perfect mountain biking—just watch out for the cow pies, as some of the best rides are on working cattle ranches. Hill Country State Natural Area is 5,370 sq. miles (13,908 sq. km) of cow-free biking bliss, offering overnight camping, fishing, and swimming. Mountain bikes shred their way through oak woodlands, canyons, spring-fed creeks, and rocky, rolling hills—and it’s all on shared equestrian trails (a whole different flavor of trail pie). www.tpwd.state.tx.us.

A photo of a biker on the Slickrock trail
Trailsource.com, Flickr
Slickrock in Moab, Utah, U.S.A

Many trails here take riders past red and gold cliffs that were once home to the Anasazi people—their cliff dwellings can be toured at nearby Canyonlands (www.nps.gov/cany) and Mesa Verde (www.nps.gov/meve) National Parks. You can choose from rides that feature spectacular vistas of the Colorado River, preserved dinosaur tracks, woodlands of piñon pine and juniper, or just spend the day soaking up the mellow culture of downtown Moab. www.discovermoab.com.

A photo of volcanic rock on the Canary Islands
Bruno Girin, Flickr
Volcanic Trails on La Palma, Canary Islands

Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, Spain’s Canary Islands are a paradise year-round. La Palma, the northernmost island, is known for its incredible natural scenery. Towering Roque de los Muchachos, a volcano that lords over the island at almost 2,400m (8,000 ft.), also gives the island some outstanding bike trails. Expect to see enormous calderas, indigenous plants like the Canarian pine, plunging ravines, and from every vantage point, the sapphire blue Atlantic. www.spain.info.

A photo of a rock formation in Cappadocia
Frank Kovalchek, Flickr
Off-Road in Cappadocia, Turkey

There are few mountain biking destinations more exotic and beautiful than this region of Turkey, home of the annual Cappadocia Mountain Biking Festival. The area is known for its abundance of off-road trails that wind through an otherworldly landscape. Bizarre rock formations like “fairy chimneys” dot the plains and hillsides, snow-capped mountains surround lush valleys, and isolated villages with frescoed churches, ancient Roman ruins, and vineyards are yours to explore. Look out for the hotels, homes, and villages that are carved entirely out of rock. www.cappadocia.travel.

A photo of a village in the Dalat Highlands
AG Gilmore, Flickr
The Dalat Highlands, Vietnam

When the rest of Vietnam is sweltering in tropical heat, the cool pine forests around Dalat are the perfect place to breathe fresh mountain air, kayak through clear lakes, and trek past the mountain villas built by French colonists back when the region was still known as Indochine francaise. The mountain biking is world-class, with climbs ranging from mellow, afternoon hill rides to multi-day journeys deep into the heart of the highlands, down to the coast, or to national parks in the area. Try to visit during the dry season from November through April. www.phattireventures.com.

A photo of a biker stopped on the single track
Matt Cope, Flickr
Singletrack in Wales

What they might lack in vowels (Cwm Carn, Clywyds, Gwydyr Forest), the mountain biking trails of Wales more than make up for in epic singletrack adventures. In recent years, Wales’ lush forests and open, rolling hillsides have been developed as mountain bike trail centers, many of which have bike rental shops and other amenities. Some of the most popular and challenging singletracks are Coed Y Brenin, Afan Forest Park, Coed Llandegla, and Nant yr Arian. www.mbwales.com.

An aerial view of a the Galapagos Islands
C. Dorobek, Flickr
Wildlife Reserves on the Galápagos Islands

This string of volcanic islands—some volcanoes are still active—is home to some of the rarest and most amazing wildlife on earth. Part of what makes it difficult to comprehend is that most of the animals are utterly unafraid of humans, making it like a "petting zoo" for adults. The volcanic craters that dot these islands, such as El Junco, where the local frigate birds flock to find fresh water, are ideal destinations. Historic towns and plantations round out your mountain biking tour. http://www.galapagos.gob.ec/en/

A photo of a sign on the Willow Creek Trail
Michael Dorausch, Flickr
Willow Creek Trail, Bass Lake, California, U.S.A

This is not a starter trail—if your quads are solid meat, your lungs are bulletproof, and you hunger for white-knuckle shreds down a technical, complex trail, then maybe you’re ready for this advanced black diamond plunge. Bikes with less than five inches of play in the front suspension will reward riders with a long, bone-jarring ride through hell, so come prepared with your best equipment. Expect the unexpected here: hairpin turns and switchbacks, wet, slimy rocks in clear, dry weather, loose slides of granite gravel, and drop-dead gorgeous views of the region’s mountains. www.yosemitebicycle.com.