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Defend Against Travel Mishaps with These Safety Products

We all know someone who refuses to travel because of fear. They may be afraid to get hurt, afraid to get robbed, or afraid to get sick. No matter the travel paranoia, there's a product out there for them. Some of these items are genuinely useful, and some of them may be catering to unreasonable fears. Which ones are which? That all depends on the fear. 

We've included a verbatim snippet of the claims made by each manufactuer so you can see for yourself what fears they're promising to eradicate. Travel safely!
Grayl water filter
Protection from Dysentery
Grayl (www.thegrayl.com), $70–70

BPA-free and lab tested, this hand-pressed water filter (you have to push hard) comes with three color-coded filters with varying strengths according to how nasty you fear your water to be. 
The claim: "The TAP [blue] removes many chemicals and heavy metals, TRAIL [green] adds protection from bacteria and protozoan cysts, and the TRAVEL [orange] provides the ultimate defense against viruses while traveling in developing countries or highly impacted wilderness areas." 

Head Defender seat back sanitary cover
Head Defender
Protection from MRSA
Head Defender (www.headdefender.com), $20–$30
Slip it over the top of your seat and, the makers say, you will protect yourself from germs.
The claim: "Rather than integrating a barrier that slowly poisons the microbes on the headrest covers (as metal-based antimicrobial barriers do), we integrate a water-based antimicrobial barrier that bonds to the headrest covers and creates a unique molecular configuration that punctures and rips the microbes thin cell walls apart.  Thus destroying them."
Clothing ArtsNylon Business Travel Pants
Clothing Arts
Protection from Pickpockets
Clothing Arts (www.clothingarts.com) Business Pants, $70–$125
There is a lot of pickpocket-proof clothing on the market, but Clothing Arts are designed to make you look like a proper businessperson instead of Indiana Jones or a fly fisherman. Trousers, which come in cotton or nylon, are tailored like chinos, with no safari-style visible pockets, and its shirts have collar stays so they'll stay sharp.

The claim (Nylon Business Travel Pants): "Patent pending 3rd generation Business Traveler design features 7 multi-secure pockets:  5 double secure & 2 triple secure."
MyAir Mask
Protection from Virus and Dryness
Marketed as a hydration aid long before the Covid-19 pandemic (Frommers.com first introduced them to readers in 2016), MyAir is still going strong now that airlines require masks. A replaceable filter (a 10-pack costs $13) slips into the fabric.
The claim: The mask filters out "99.997% of airborne pathogens" according to its own independent research. The pre-pandemic pitch: "Personal Air Space…with a twist! Advanced Filtration Technology to Reduce Moisture Loss (a leading cause of Jet Lag) and Reduce Exposure to Germs, Contaminants & Allergens. A reusable two-way mask with unique style. Helps keep you hydrated while blocking pathogens & allergens."
Silent Pocket RFID blocking carrying case
Silent Pocket
Protection from Data Thieves
The company makes a range of portable pockets and briefcases that hold smartphones, passports, tablets, and other devices.
The claim: "By putting your device inside you are blocking ALL wireless signals. Instantly block Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC in all frequencies."
Protection from Fugitives
Hook your runaway pooch into a backseat zipline so they can't jump into the front seat while you're driving or out of the car during stops.
The claim: "Inspired by a dog run, the Auto Zip Line restrains your dog in the back seat for safe driving, but allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement. It can be strung between any two fixed points in a vehicle, on a boat, or at your campsite."
Tiny Traveler Baby Monitor for the car
Protection from Shenanigans
Point the camera at your child—whether they're facing forward or backward—and keep and eye on them via a monitor without having to take your eyes off the dashboard.
The claim: "Yada is dedicated to safe driving practices and strives to limit distractions for drivers. The Yada Tiny Traveler is intended to aid in helping drivers traveling with a baby remain focused on driving safely and still have the security of being able to glance at the baby in the back seat."