A showgirl pops out of a massive champagne flute in Las Vegas
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Adventures You Can Only Find in Las Vegas

As we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And some things ONLY happen here. So if you find yourself heading to “Lost Wages,” try one of these unique adventures—where else will you get a chance to do so?
A student learns to drive a bulldozers at Dig This! in Las Vegas
Dig This!
Rampage on a Bulldozer....Just for Fun
At Dig This!, one of Vegas’ newest attractions, vacationers are given a crash course on operating excavators and bulldozers and then are set free on an obstacle course of giant proportions. It's the testosterone-washed version of toddlers playing in the sand pit....but with adults...paying a lot of money....and massive machines.
A display in front of the Zombie Apocalypse Store
Shop at the Zombie Apocalypse Store
Stand in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and gaze at the call girl ads on the cabs, the drunks on the pavement, and the overbuilt hotels. If it makes you wonder if this is the collapse of civilization, you wouldn't be alone. Prepare yourself, because Vegas may be only a few zombies away from the end of the world. Hit the Zombie Apocalypse Store. It sells all you’ll need to make it through the undead uprising: survival guides, military-style ready-to-eat meals, medical quarantine signs and, most important, garments that warn “This is my zombie killing T-Shirt."
The chocolate fountain at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas
Jean-Philippe Patisserie
View the World's Tallest Chocolate Fountain
Alas, you can't swim in it. But this is another case of Sin City allowing its visitors to get that "biggest anywhere" jolt. The 20-foot tall fountain is the centerpiece of the Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio, and it's in the Guinness Book of World Records. After drinking it in with your eyes, be sure to nab one of the exquisite baked goods here, the work of World Pastry Champion Jean-Philippe Maury.
Cars zoom around the track at SpeedVegas
Speed Vegas
Be a NASCAR Driver for a Day
You won't be in an actual NASCAR vehicle, but you will zip around a regulation track at speeds that would make your grandma faint. (How does 140 m.p.h. sound?) Sure, other cities may have one of these attractions, but there are often long waits to book a spot. Las Vegas has not one, not two, but four companies that cater to speed demons, renting them race, exotic, and muscle cars and then setting them loose on a track. You can show up, bachelor party in tow, and put pedal to the metal within an hour. Those companies are: SpeedVegas (pictured), The Richard Petty Driving Experience, Dream Racing, and Exotics Racing.
The bar at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Have Cocktail Hour Inside a Chandelier
No Alice in Wonderland-style "drink me" to shrink bottles are needed. Instead, head to the glam Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which has, in the heart of its lobby, a chandelier so massive that it has a bar both under it and inside of it. Not only that, the mixology is top-notch.
Swimmers at the Golden Nugget Hotel gaze into the shark aquarium that abuts the pool.
Golden Nugget
Swim with Sharks
Well, kinda. At the Golden Nugget Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas, a tank with real sharks intertwines with the swimming pool. That means that swimmers can gaze through the glass at these predators. There's even a tube right through the aquarium that vacationers can zip through on their way to the pool. Do I need to mention that the pool also has a 24-hour bar? Didn't think so.
The "Pawn Stars" shop in Las Vegas
Wilson Hui
Sell Something to Chumley
The reality TV show Pawn Stars tapes at this actual store—now one of the biggest tourist attractions off the Strip. And if you don't see Chumley behind the counter, you can always take a selfie with the giant cardboard cut out of him at the back of the store. Be warned: There's sometimes an hour-long wait to get in and peruse the goods.
The Insanity, at the Stratosphere Tower, dangles riders off the highest building west of the Mississippi.
Sigurd Gartman/Flickr
Scare Yourself Silly On the Tallest Thrill Rides in the World
Those would be at the top of the Stratosphere Tower and they include this contraption, the Insanity, that whirls you over the edge of the tallest building West of the Mississipi in an open capsule. Nearby, the Big Drop propels you 160 feet up the spire that tops the building. Most terrifying? We think it's the Sky Jump, which has you jumping off the side of the building. Yes, you're in a harness, but you're still plummeting to earth. And this is fun?
The High Roller Observation Wheel above the Linq in Las Vegas, Nevada
Daniel Ramirez/Flickr
Ride the Tallest Ferris Wheel on the Planet
And here's another one for lovers of heights. It's the highest observation wheel anywhere. Not only do you get a splendid view of the Strip (it's right in the middle of the district) when you take a whirl on the High Roller, but if you pay a bit extra you also can have a car with that oh-so-Vegas touch: an open bar. Don't tipple too much, though, because the capsules don't have bathrooms.
A couple gets married on the Stratosphere's Big Shot ride.
Stratosphere Hotel & Casino
Get Married in as Weird a Way as You Want
Las Vegas has long been the place for wacky weddings. But you don't know just how crazy the ceremony can get. There are couples who float in from the ceiling, a la Cirque de Soleil, while dressed as vampires for a ceremony officiated by an Elvira impersonator (try Viva Las Vegas Weddings for that one). Other nuzzling couples do a drive-through with Elvis as the officiant (several chapels can arrange that) to celebrate the sanctity of marriage. Think love is a thrill ride? Do what this couple is doing: Get hitched on that "Big Shot" ride on the top of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower.
A Star Trek pinball machine at Las Vegas' Pinball Hall of Fame.
randy stewart/flickr
Be a Pinball Wizard for the Ages
There are other pinball museums on the planet, but at Las Vegas' Pinball Hall of Fame, one can play machines from every era, and many are quite rare. And you won't just be playing, you'll be learning. Each machine has a bar code on it which you can scan with your smartphone to learn about its history. Your forearm will thank you—coming here makes a nice change from the one-armed bandit.
A woman at a Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas
Dutch Boyd/Flickr
Pay for Your Hotel with Bitcoin
That's doable at two sister properties—the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and the Golden Gate. The D even has a Bitcoin ATM (pictured). But neither will let you wager Bitcoins at the craps table.