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4 Things We Do That Annoy Flight Attendants

Flight attendants dish about their pet peeves when it comes to rude passengers. Are you guilty of annoying flight attendants?

Ever wonder what most annoys flight attendants about your behavior? Airfarewatchdog ( asked a few flight attendants to tell us how they really feel. This is what they revealed. (No need to put in the comments below that you don't give a rat's behind what flight attendants think about you. Thanks).

BTW, we always pay attention to the safety demo. Maybe because in a previous lifetime we taught high school English and hated it when the kids weren't listening in class. Anyway, we like flight attendants and know they sometimes have a tough job. Let's make the next flight easier for everyone.

Please pay attention when I'm up there trying to save your life.

"When passengers ignore us during the safety demo, it is both annoying and insulting. It's awkward for us to be standing there in front of an audience of people performing funny-looking motions. The least passengers can do is give us their attention for a moment. We know people fly a lot, but planes vary. When you are reading a newspaper in front of our face, it is extremely disrespectful and signals that you do not think this is important. At least pretend like you are listening."

No wonder you can't hear me.

"Wearing headphones while we are trying to serve you. It never fails that you do not hear what we are saying (surprise, you're wearing headphones!). It would be nice if you could remove them for a few seconds while we are serving you. At the least, it is a kind acknowledgment that a human being (not a robot) is serving you. Plus, if you keep them on, you end up screaming at us without realizing it!"

All manner of bad manners.

"No manners. You would be shocked at how many people barely even look at you when we are serving them. Did their parents not teach them to say please and thank you? And it never ceases to amaze me the number of passengers that prop their feet up on the bulkhead as if it is their ottoman at home. Your scuffed shoe marks and dirt from your shoes remain after you deplane. Oh, and why would people ever think it is OK to cut their fingernails or toenails on board an airplane! Yes, we see that all the time!"

Please listen to the announcements.

"When passengers blatantly ignore our announcements … We say things like, please use the toilets in your assigned cabin and literally seconds later, passengers from coach will stand bleary-eyed in first class waiting for the bathroom. Yes, we know, sometimes the aisle is blocked, but unless it is an emergency, it helps if you recognize that we are also trying to serve you and 100-plus other people in a cramped, flying aluminum tube. On long flights, we almost always give you the opportunity to use the restroom before bringing the carts in the aisle so as not to disrupt the service flow for everyone else. Yes, there are emergencies, but if it is not one, try to wait until we are done before stretching your legs."

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and fare sales, including the most helpful and always updated Top 50 Airfares.

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