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ATA, US Air Lead the Way With Low Fares

February 20, 2004 -- Cheap fares this week aren't all in and out of Philadelphia. Led by discount airline ATA and struggling carrier US Airways, we're seeing great fares all over the map, and we wanted to share them with you.

US Airways' big winner is a $144 roundtrip fare from Pittsburgh to LA. That's the lowest we've seen in a while, and a great deal. It's also being matched by a slew of other airlines, so if you can't find a flight you like on US Airways, use a travel agency site to shop around. We also like their $78 Baltimore-Cleveland roundtrips. And they're matching the sale Southwest ( has had on for a while with various $198 fares on routes such as Hartford-Seattle and Manchester, NH-Phoenix.

You must book your tickets by Sunday for travel through May 27 on these fares. A minimum Saturday-night stay and maximum 30-day stay are required, and you can't fly within the next two weeks. Go to to buy your tickets.


(With US Airways matching Southwest's fares on many routes, the question arises: which one would you prefer if the fares were equal? A financially failing carrier where you can order your seats in advance, or a cheerful, efficient carrier that boards in a hellish cattle call? Tell us on our Message Boards.)

ATA's current sale is on through Monday. They're spreading low fares all over the heartland with $118-198 roundtrips to all their destinations in the Lower 48 from the following cities: Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Lexington KY, Madison, Milwaukee, Moline, South Bend, Springfield, and Toledo. Sounds like a great way to liven up the end of winter.

If you don't live in those cities, they still have some great fares including:

  • Orlando-San Juan: $156
  • Boston-San Francisco or San Jose: $158
  • Chicago - LA or Seattle: $158
  • Denver-New York: $178
  • Indianapolis-Cancun: $258
  • Chicago-Montego Bay: $318
  • Grand Rapids, Madison, South Bend or Toledo-Montego Bay: $358
  • Seattle-Honolulu: $378
  • Boston or New York-Honolulu: $498

Interested? The available dates vary depending on your departure and arrival destinations. Expect the best fares to be available midweek, as always. Check out fares and buy tickets online at: