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Buy Today For Cheap Flights to and from Atlanta

December 19, 2003 -- Southerners, this one's for you. Atlanta-based discount airline AirTran has done a yeoman job of keeping fares low, and continues to fight against Delta and Song now that JetBlue has backed out of the city.

Today only, AirTran is offering one of the best sales of theirs we've seen. We expect many of these fares to be matched by Delta and others, so shop around but fly the 'Tran if you can, because the fare-slashing wouldn't happen without 'em. You support their business, they'll support your wallets.

These fares are low, so of course there are restrictions. These fares don't apply on Fridays and Sundays, and they're only for flights between Jan. 6 and Feb. 26. You can't fly on Feb. 13 or 16 (President's Day and Valentine's Day weekend), you can't fly to Florida on Feb. 14 and 21 (holidays again), and you can't fly to or from New Orleans and Biloxi for several days on either side of Mardi Gras.


That said, there are truly great fares here for long weekends out of (or in) Atlanta. All fares are round-trip, before tax:

  • For $98: Biloxi, Jacksonville, Memphis, Pensacola, Raleigh, Savannah
  • For $118: Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Grand Bahama, Greensboro, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Newport News, Orlando, Tampa
  • For $138: Akron, Baltimore, Bloomington, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Dayton, Houston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Moline, New Orleans, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Washington DC, West Palm Beach, Wichita
  • For $198: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Picking our favorites from that long, long list is tough, but we'll rise to the challenge. $118 to the Bahamas is a delightful fare. $138 to New York, Boston or Chicago also isn't anything to sneeze at. As fares in all of these markets are usually at least $40 above the level of this sale, we say buy now. Just click over to


Have you flown Airtran? Was it great or did you hate? Tell us on our Air Travel Message Boards.