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From East to West, These Winter Fares Are Truly the Best

December 8, 2003 -- Want to get out of the snow -- or deep into it? A slew of low-fare airlines are unleashing cheerful Christmas presents for travelers willing to brave the snow, sleet and sun of winter, for destinations everywhere from Atlanta to Honolulu.

Three Airlines, Three Great Sales

JetBlue, AirTran and Spirit all work hard to keep fares low from sea to shining sea, and they're all having sales right now with prices as low as we've seen recently. With all of these airlines, we expect fares to sell out quickly, so book as far in advance as you can.


With their hub at New York's JFK airport, JetBlue caters to winter travelers looking to see the Christmas lights at Rockefeller Center or go iceskating in Central Park. (If you're intending to travel to New York this winter, by the way, check out the raft of discounts offered by NYC and Co. at They've got some other great routes, too. Their current best fares (roundtrip, before taxes):

  • Boston to Denver or Long Beach: $198
  • Washington (Dulles) to Oakland or Long Beach: $198
  • Fort Lauderdale to Long Beach: $198
  • New York to Denver, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Oakland, Ontario, San Diego, Salt Lake City, San Juan, Puerto Rico or Seattle: $198

To get these fares, book online, buy by Dec. 16 and fly by Feb. 10. Check out details and book at


Spirit, meanwhile, is best known for their low fares to Florida, and their current sale is certainly offering great rates. Their lowest fares are for travel from now through Dec. 17, and from Jan. 5 to Feb. 6. Great fares include:

  • New York to Fort Lauderdale: $116
  • Detroit to West Palm Beach: $118
  • Atlantic City (NJ) to West Palm Beach: $124
  • Chicago to LA or Las Vegas: $134
  • New York to Denver: $176

They've got dozens of other great fares between cities in the frozen North, Florida, Las Vegas, LA and Denver. Like these fares? Buy 'em by Dec. 11 at


AirTran's sale goes on through Dec. 16, and it covers travel all the way through March 10. JetBlue may have backed out of Atlanta, but the city's hometown discount airline continues to keep Delta under the gun with a slew of low fares. Expect all of AirTran's Atlanta fares to be matched by Delta, which has its own sale going on ( AirTran's fares include:

  • Atlanta to Baltimore or Philadelphia: $158
  • Atlanta to San Francisco: $198
  • Atlanta to LA: $218
  • Dallas to Baltimore: $158
  • Dallas to Orlando: $158
  • Wichita to Orlando: $176

Don't expect to get these fares if you're flying very close to Christmas, New Year's or Presidents' Day. If you'd like to check out their fares further, head to


Say Aloha To Great Fares To Hawaii

Winter is the high season for fares to Hawaii, but that isn't stopping Aloha Airlines from offering fares lower than competing sales from United and Hawaiian. Aloha flies from several West Coast airports to several Hawaiian islands, and their online fares are currently unbeatable. Sale fares include (roundtrip, before tax):

  • Burbank, Oakland or Orange County to Honolulu: $288
  • Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento or Las Vegas to Honolulu: $302
  • Burbank, Oakland or Orange County to Maui, Kauai, Hilo or Kona: $302
  • Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento or Las Vegas to Maui, Kauai, Hilo or Kona: $312

Aloha is also offering very low fares on their mainland routes; these fares are usually matched, though rarely beaten, by Southwest and United. Mainland fares include (roundtrip, before tax):

  • Phoenix-Orange County or Burbank-Las Vegas: $56
  • Burbank-Sacramento, Las Vegas-Oakland, or Reno-Orange County: $94

These fares are good for travel through Dec. 17 and from Jan. 7 to Feb. 15, and you must book online to get the best fares. Go to to book.