Discover New Zealand Sale

Air New Zealand (tel. 800/262-1234; is having a sale from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New Zealand for travel this fall. This sale is broken into two segments: September 1 through September 30, and November 1 through November 20. Fares start at $898 round-trip, before taxes, to Auckland. And, as is often the case with these Air New Zealand sales, there's the option of including up to 3 stops within New Zealand for just $120 more. All purchases must be made by September 15, so do check it out.

Early Bird Sale to Italy

Eurofly (tel. 800/459-0581; is having a Winter Early Bird sale from JFK to Italy.

  • JFK to Rome is listed as $499 round-trip, for travel between October 12 and October 31. Using October 12 through October 20 as our dates of travel, we found a fare of $469 round-trip (better than the sale fare!), which comes to $699 with taxes. The best nonstop fare listed for this same trip on was $904 round-trip with taxes on Alitalia and Delta. And at $886, even the lowest stopover fare on Orbitz doesn't beat Eurofly's price for a nonstop.
  • JFK to Naples is listed as $399 round-trip, for travel between November 1 and November 18. For travel November 2 through November 10, that $399 round-trip fare becomes $469 with taxes. Checking these dates on Orbitz gave us a fare of $662 round-trip, including taxes, on American/Swissair.
  • JFK to Palermo is listed as $459 round-trip, for travel between November 1 and November 18. Add in the taxes, and that's $529 round-trip, for November 1 through November 12. These dates pulled a much higher fare of $754 round-trip, including tax, on Orbitz.
  • JFK to Rome is listed as $399 round-trip, for travel between January 6 and March 15. We checked for travel January 4 through January 13 and found a fare of $729 round-trip, including taxes. Although this does beat the lowest nonstop listed on Orbitz ($773 with Alitalia), there is a lower fare of $643 with one connection.

Clearly, if you're planning a trip to Italy this fall/winter, check with Eurofly.

Lufthansa Sale: Sharing is Caring Saving

Lufthansa (tel. 800/399-5838; and partner United are having a sale on travel to Europe this fall. This little sale is valid for departures from August 21 through December 13, and returning August 26 through January 1, 2008. We're guessing that the company calculator is incapable of multiplying a number by two, since Lufthansa insists on advertising fares as one-way based on round-trip purchase. Lucky for us, we had a calculator handy and were able to check on a few of their sample fares:

  • New York to Frankfurt, advertised as $188 each-way: Leaving October 15 and returning October 30, the lowest fare listed is $607 round-trip, including tax. Orbitz shows the same trip on Lufthansa at $617. However, the lowest fare listed is a Lufthansa/United code-share for just $547 round-trip, including taxes.
  • New York to Paris, advertised as $251 each-way: Checking for travel from October 8 through October 23, the best fare listed with Lufthansa is $752 round-trip, including tax. The best deal on Orbitz is, again, a Lufthansa/United code-share for $669 round-trip.
  • Atlanta to Copenhagen, advertised as $277 each-way: Departing October 29 and returning November 7, we found a fare of $682 round-trip, including tax. We checked this same trip on Orbitz and found a lower fare of $646, round-trip, taxes and all, on Air France.
  • Dallas to Stockholm, advertised as $282 each-way: Using November 22 through November 30 as our dates of travel, we found a fare of $745 round-trip, including tax. Once again, our follow-up search on Orbitz shows a better deal with a United/SAS code-share at $656 round-trip, including taxes. The Orbitz price for this trip on Lufthansa alone is a whopping $990!
  • Chicago to Madrid, advertised as $291 each-way: Leaving September 11 and returning September 19, the lowest fare listed is $661 round-trip, tax included. The best fare we found for these dates on Orbitz is $567 round-trip, including tax, on a United/Spanair/Iberia/Lufthansa code-share

Other fares to Frankfurt include:

Oasis Airlines' Singapore Giveaway

Oasis Airlines (tel. 888/983-0808; is having a give away at the moment. Folks who book a round-trip flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong before August 15 will receive a free trip to Singapore on Jetstar Asia.

And be sure to check out their great business class fares, which include:

Mexico Sale on Frontier

Frontier (tel. 800/432-1359; is offering some great introductory fares on their new service to Mexico. These fares are valid for travel from December 15 through March 5 (and you know when February rolls around, you'll be happy to thaw out in Mexico), and all tickets must be purchased by September 12. A few sample fares include:

London Fares on Air Canada

Planning a trip to London this fall? Make the most of your weak dollars and take advantage of these fares from Air Canada (tel 888/247-2262;

Beautiful Planes

Air travel this summer has become an ugly business for many, but the commercial airline industry is still glamorous -- OK, maybe not as glam as it once was. Airliners themselves have a bit of style, too, especially certain now-discontinued models. To illustrate the point, we've nominated five aircraft as the most beautiful to ever take wing. Four of them no longer fly, except perhaps in air shows or as cargo carriers, and a fifth hasn't debuted yet. Can you guess which ones they are? See our choices in our feature The Five Most Gorgeous Airliners Ever and feel free to tell us if we've missed your favorite.

Additional Reporting by Tracy W. Stewart and Grace Park

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and fare sales, including the most helpful and always updated Top 50 Airfares.

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