Allegiant Florida Sale and $19 One-Ways

Allegiant Airlines (tel. 888/594-6937; is having a sale to/from Florida, good for travel through August 31. And according to Allegiant, this sale ends on May 10, but that's not exactly set in stone, as we've learned from their previous sales. Fares from from $39 to $109 each way on nonstop flights and there is no round-trip purchase requirement.

In addition, as of this posting, Allegiant has several $19 one-way fares to Florida for a few dates in May. In some cases, these fares are only in one direction but can be combined with higher fares.

Keep in mind that Allegiant has a poorly disclosed "convenience fee" of $11.50 per passenger. That includes booking online. If you book by phone, there is a $10.50 fee per ticket. Sale fares include:

Midwest Milwaukee Deals

For those who've endured the brutal Milwaukee winter, Midwest Airlines (tel. 800/452-2022; is cutting you a break in the way of great fares out of town. Or, for those who live elsewhere and have been waiting patiently for winter to leave Milwaukee, these fares are reversible too. And, being the hospitable folks they are (warm cookies, anyone?), Midwest has included a guide to Milwaukee's many summer festivals here on their site.

Fares include:

EOS Calls it Quits, Silverjet Honors Tickets

If you haven't heard, EOS, the New York to London all-biz-class-all-the-time airline, threw in the towel last Sunday, joining the rest of April's defunct carriers in that big hangar in the sky. This comes as a bit of a shocker, with no real warning signs, other than those hovering over the airline industry in general. You know, $120 oil ... tight credit ... the recession. What's to come of the all-business-class model? With MaxJet long gone, and now EOS, that leaves L'Avion (Newark to Paris) and only Silverjet (tel. 877/359-7458; operating the all-business-class New York to London route all by their lonesome. And they aren't missing a beat. Put-out EOS passengers are invited to re-book on Silverjet, which will honor your EOS fare, provided you paid no less than $1,200 one-way, or $2,400 round-trip. More on that offer here.

Wondering which airline will be the next to shrivel up and call it quits? Oh, we don't doubt it'll happen, and soon too. There are a lot of smaller, newer discount carriers out there with wacky names. Our vote is that they go first.

We're afraid that shortly the US will be dominated by four post-merger airlines: United, Delta, American, and Southwest. We do hope that JetBlue survives (Lufthansa's investment in it may help). Perhaps there will be an Airtran/Frontier/Midwest/Whoknows merger. Will Alaska Airlines be able to make it on its own? What about Express Jet, USA3000, and Spirit in the US; WestJet in Canada; and Alitalia, Zoom, and Eurofly overseas? These are interesting times in the airline industry as they are elsewhere.

Honestly, if you're planning on flying anywhere this summer, we'd strongly recommend that you either:

1) Fly on a big name airline (United, Delta, Southwest, Continental, American, US Air, Northwest, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore, JAL, etc)


2) Use a credit card and make sure that your travel will be completed within 60 days of the time the charge will appear on your credit card statement. If your airline goes caput, you're protected by the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act if you contest the charge in writing within 60 days of the charge's appearance on your statement.

Aer Lingus Summer Sale Extended

Sure, you may have missed out on their 5 Euro transatlantic business-class fare fiasco, don't go kicking yourself just yet. Although you're not likely find anything so cheap for peak summer business-class, it's still possible to snag a decent fare in coach. Aer Lingus (tel. 800/223-6537; has extended their Summer Sale until May 3, for travel from early June through late July.

See the complete list of Aer Lingus sale fares (which vary from early to late summer, keep in mind) here on our Dublin and Shannon pages.

Virgin America 25% Off Sale for EleVate Members

Virgin America (tel. 877/359.8474; is offering 25% off on fares, system-wide. This offer is valid for EleVate members only (that's their frequent flyer program.) If you're a member already, you should have received your unique promotional code in an email. If you haven't yet received yours, you might want to give Virgin America a call!

By entering your individual code in the promo box on Virgin America's site, you'll see some nice savings on their routes.

Bookings must be complete by 11:59pm Pacific Time on May 3, 2008 and travel must be completed by June 11, 2008. Tickets are non-refundable, seats are limited and travel is blacked out from May 22-May 26, 2008 for the Memorial Day weekend. This offer is good for one-time use only.

Alaska Airlines Web Specials

Alaska Airlines (tel. 800/426-0333; has two different sales up at the moment, both full of great fares, but with three different windows of valid travel. Some are good for travel between May 12 and June 25, while the second set (which includes Canadian fares) is good for May 12 through September 30. All fares must be booked by May 8. Here's a round-up:

Exit Row Seats: Who Charges What, and How to Snag One

Oh, the horror of having your legs bound and knee-caps pulverized for hours on end! No, this isn't some old-timey torture device in the in the Tower of London. We're talking about coach seating. As you know, it can hurt! Especially if you are of a certain height. That's why we love exit rows! Ah, but things are a-changin', and a promise to help your fellow passengers in the event of an emergency may not be enough to snag that seat. Get the full story here.

Fliers are Better Protected in Europe

Think American passengers have it bad? Well, yeah, we actually do. While our lawmakers are busy quibbling over food, water, and restrooms being amenities rather than necessities, European passengers are protected and then some. The good news? If you're flying from Europe, even on an American carrier, you're protected too. Get bumped from your flight and you could be owed as much as 600 Euros. Read more on that here.

Additional Reporting by Tracy W. Stewart and Alisa Brayman

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and fare sales, including the most helpful and always updated Top 50 Airfares.

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