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Go To Europe Right Now With Low Last-Minute Fares

October 13, 2003 -- Sometimes you really need to get out of town. I, for instance, really need to get out of town right now, but I'm shackled to my desk writing columns about fabulous airfares.

If I had a week to spare, though, I'd jump at the last-minute Europe deals being offered right now by 1-800-Fly Europe and Site59. Slightly farther in advance, US Airways is offering some good deals to Amsterdam.

Fly Europe and Site59 are selling fares similar to other sale fares we've seen around, but available now, with no advance purchase, when most other airlines' low fares have sold out. So grab your passport, charge up that credit card and just go. Sometimes it's more fun to do things on the spur of the moment.

1800FlyEurope says they have cheap flights to London and Paris available from now until the end of October, and you can even book on the day of departure. It's not quite walk-up, but you can certainly call them and be on a plane tonight. And what fares!

Roundtrip before the usual $100 in taxes, they're offering the following fares to London:

  • New York, Boston: $279
  • Chicago, Atlanta: $359
  • Dallas, LA, SF: $399

To Paris, meanwhile:

  • Boston: $259
  • New York: $279
  • Chicago: $339
  • Dallas: $369
  • Atlanta: $389
  • LA, SF: $399

Prices are for midweek departures; add $25 each way for weekend flights. Book by calling 1-800-FLY-EURO or going online to is always a good place to turn for last minute fares, and the end of the fall airfare season is no exception. They're especially good now that they include all taxes and fees on their prices, so there are no surprises when you go to check out. To save money, you may not be in a centrally located hotel with these packages, but hey, we consider it all part of the crazy spontaneity of a last-minute trip. Packages we found on their site for October dates included:

  • A three-day weekend from New York to London, air and hotel for $384 per person, double occupancy
  • A three-day weekend from Atlanta to Paris, air and hotel for $535 per person, double occupancy
  • A four-day weekend from Philadelphia to London, air and hotel for $430 per person, double occupancy

Buy all of these online at

US Airways, meanwhile, is offering low fares to Amsterdam for those willing to depart between Oct. 27 and Nov. 14, and return between Nov. 3 and Nov. 22. That's not quite last minute, so it'll give you time to request the vacation days from your boss.

Their fares include (roundtrip, before $90 in taxes):

  • Boston, New York, Philadelphia: $239
  • Baltimore, Pittsburgh: $269
  • Hartford, Rochester (NY): $289
  • Charlotte, Columbus, Raleigh: $309
  • LA, SF: $359

These fares don't show up on travel agency sites: you must go to US Airways' own Web site to get them. When we checked several of these routes, we found them within $15 of the lowest other fares we could find. For instance, we saw an equivalent of a $245 fare from New York on Delta and a $230 fare from Boston on United. We'd recommend shopping around before settling on one of these generally excellent fares. Buy the US Airways fares online before Oct. 15 at

So go ahead. Take a sick day. Make a last minute trip. Get out of there. You can find the fares. And send me a postcard.