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More Low Domestic Fall Fares (including $98 roundtrips to Florida!)

August 8, 2003 -- These two fare sales came in just a few hours too late for our Wednesday column on domestic airfare sales. No worries, though: America West's low fares are available for purchase through August 28, for travel from August 19 through Nov. 24. Southwest's systemwide sale, meanwhile, is available through August 28 for travel from August 19 until either September 28 or the end of their published schedule.

Southwest's sale is so huge, it's hard to describe. Go to for the full details. Here's a sketchy rundown:

  • Nearly every flight on Tue/Wed/Sat for $39-99 each way.
  • Nearly every flight on other days for $44-139 each way.

Prices that made us sob with joy included:

  • Long Island or Manchester (NH) to Fort Lauderdale, FL: $98 roundtrip (this and other great Florida fares are only available for travel through September 28)
  • Most of the Midwest to Orlando: $118 roundtrip
  • Most of the Midwest to Chicago: $78 roundtrip
  • Shuttling around Texas and Oklahoma: $68 roundtrip (for travel through September 28)
  • Cross-country routes: $198 roundtrip

Go nuts, go get 'em, just do it at least 14 days before traveling to obtain these fares.

As with the sales we mentioned Wednesday, other airlines have moved to match America West's prices on many routes. Their sale just makes it an even better time to book your fall domestic trips. Sample roundtrip fares, before tax:

  • Oakland, CA-Hartford, CT: $198 (matched by United, Continental, Delta, Southwest)
  • Burbank, CA-Columbus, OH: $198 (matched by Southwest)
  • Sacramento, CA-Fort Lauderdale, FL : $198 (matched by Continental, Delta, Northwest, United)
  • Los Angeles-New Orleans: $198 (matched by Southwest)
  • San Diego, Burbank or Orange County to Phoenix: $58 (matched by Southwest)

This sale, unfortunately, is stacked with conditions. Sale fares are only available Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (that's normal) and there are an outrageous number of blackout dates (why are October 10, 12 and 13 blacked out?). A 14-day advance purchase and one-night stay are required.

If these fares tickle your fancy, buy them online at