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One Night in Bangkok Won't Make Your Wallet Humble, With These Cathay Pacific Deals To Thailand and More

June 4, 2003 -- Bangkok. Oriental setting. But the city don't know what the city is getting. The crème de la crème of airfares ... okay, okay. Maybe you won't get your own theme song ( when you fly on Cathay Pacific's awesome $599 roundtrip fare from LA, San Francisco or New York to Bangkok, but you'll certainly save enough money to buy an MP3 player for the trip.

Struggling to recover from the damage SARS did to Hong Kong's economy, local airline Cathay Pacific is offering special deals to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore. The Bangkok deal is their best -- $599 from California is a good fare, but from New York it's just plain terrific.

(The Go-Today Bangkok package we described on Monday is a better deal if you're traveling as a couple and want to stay five days. But if you're traveling alone, or want to define your own trip, buy from Cathay.)


To get to Bangkok cheaply, buy your tickets before June 30 for departures between July 1 and August 31. There's no minimum stay and no advance purchase requirement, but there's a 30-day maximum stay. Buy online at

Cathay Pacific is running a Bangkok hotel deal, too, but their promotional rate at the highly-recommended Shangri-La is no lower than the $125 we found on the Shangri-La's own Web site. (For our review of the Shangri-La, click here:

We found much lower hotel rates for classy digs on BiddingForTravel's guide to Priceline. While the results of past Priceline bids can never be followed exactly, BfT reveals a pattern of absolutely great deals for Bangkok hotels. We'd suggest turning to Priceline if you're looking for 4 or 5 accommodation in Bangkok.


Bang a Gong in Hong Kong, or Thrill 'Em in Manila

Cathay's Bangkok fare comes with a free stopover in Hong Kong. But if you'd like to celebrate Hong Kong's de-SARS-ization by making that city your destination, Cathay is offering excellent fares to Hong Kong and two other destinations through Orbitz. As with Bangkok, check these fares against the packages we announced on Monday to find the right deal for you.

Fares from New York, LA and San Francisco are:

  • To Hong Kong -- $585
  • To Singapore -- $630
  • To Manila -- $630

For these fares, you need to depart by June 30, return by August 31 and stay at least three days. There's no advance purchase requirement and no expiration date on this sale, which means it may disappear at any time. Buy via Orbitz at