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Park Your Carcass, Park Your Car: Radisson Offers Free Parking at Near-Airport Properties While You Fly

August 29, 2003 -- A few individual hotels have had this idea for awhile, we're happy to inform you that Radisson becomes the first chain offering a "Park, Stay & Fly" package at many of their airport locations in the US and Canada. You get a night at the hotel, and most important, free parking while you're away, with rates as low as $99 per night, single or double occupancy.

The rates vary with the hotel, but the package is honored by at least 40 properties, from now through December 03, 2003. Your free parking is good for up to 5-14 days, depending upon the hotel. It's a great boon to people who live far from their gateway airports and wish to drive to them, then park. Parking rates themselves are high in and around large airports, and by the time you get there, you might feel in need of a good night's rest. This deal makes parking and resting quite simple, though you have to contact each property to get details. Here are some samples:

  • $99 a night is the price at the Radisson O'Hare in Rosemont IL. The hotel is under two miles from the airport and less than 30 minutes' drive from downtown Chicago.
  • $119 per night is what the Radisson JFK in Queens, New York, wants. This property is only a half mile from the JFK entrance and eight miles from LaGuardia. Features include a free 24-hour JFK shuttle, 24-hour food service and other amenities.
  • Radisson's San Francisco Airport hotel charges $139 per night, single or double, and is just 2.5 miles from the airport. You get views of the bay and two phones, one of them cordless.
  • At the Toronto Airport Radisson, the package rate is $159 per room. You are two minutes from the airport, with two phones in your room (one cordless), free in-room movies and a fitness center.
  • In Los Angeles, the Airport Radisson is one block east of Terminal One, with package rates of $189 per room. You get soundproofed windows, two phones, use of heated outdoor pool, fitness center, and more.

For more information or to book, phone Radisson at 800/333-3333 or visit