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Pick a Country, Any Country: We've Got Your Cheap Seats Right Here!

September 17, 2003 -- It's a great time to buy tickets to anywhere. We've got a ton of deals to get through to Brazil, Mexico and all across Europe, so we'll go straight to the fares.

Two More Europe Sales

All we can say about fares to Europe at this point is that they're all on sale. Make sure to use a travel agency site like Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia to check fares, shop around and have a great trip. Two more airlines, British Airways and US Airways announced European fare sales since we last reported on them.


BA's sale offers low fares for travel between October 30 and April 4, except for Dec. 18-23. The sale fares are available through Sept. 25, and are competitive with the best sales we've seen elsewhere. To get the lowest fares, fly outbound on Mondays through Wednesdays and return Tuesdays through Thursdays. A Saturday night stay is required, and the maximum stay is nine months. Fares include:

  • New York to London: $198
  • Boston to London: $226
  • Chicago to London: $316
  • New York to Barcelona: $320
  • New York to Athens: $361

Flights are available from Boston, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, San Antonio, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis to a wide range of European destinations. If your flight involves a connection in London, you can stop over as long as you like for free. Go to for details.


US Airways' sale to Europe is on through Sept. 26 for flights from Nov. 1 through next February. They've got a great list of sample fares for people who are sick of all these New York to London sales. Check them out online at Their fares include:

  • Boston to Amsterdam: $272
  • Charlotte to Paris: $321
  • Baltimore to Munich: $327
  • Washington to Madrid: $346
  • Denver to Rome: $448

These fares may be matched or beaten by other sales, so shop around.

How About Mexico?


American and US Airways are serving up sale fares to Mexico at the moment, so if you're planning to go south of the border, now would be a good time to buy.

American's sale is good through Sept. 25 for outbound travel through October 25. The lowest fares are available Monday through Thursday. US Airways' sale is on through Sept. 26, but they allow you to buy tickets much further in advance -- for travel through Feb. 12, 2004. Fares include:

  • New York - Mexico City: $330 (US)
  • Baltimore - Mexico City: $332 (US)
  • Boston - Mexico City: $338 (US, AA)
  • Las Vegas - Cancun: $358 (AA)
  • Washington - Mexico City: $385 (US)
  • Oakland, CA - Mexico City: $398 (AA)
  • Denver - Los Cabos: $429 (AA)

For the US Airways sale, go to For the American sale, go to this link. As usual, shop around, because we expect these fares to be matched by other airlines.

Raucous Rio for Less

If your gol is Brazil, United and American have sales from various US destinations.

American's sale is for flights to Rio, Sao Paulo or Belo Horizonte between now and December 5. You must buy at by Sept. 17. These fares don't include taxes, there's a 3 day minimum stay and 30 day maximum stay, and the lowest fares are for Sunday-Thursday travel. Round-trip fares include:

  • $648: Miami to Belo Horizonte
  • $668: Orlando; Miami to Rio or Sao Paulo
  • $728: Memphis, Nashville, Jacksonville
  • $768: New York to Belo Horizonte or Sao Paulo
  • $788: Boston; New York to Rio
  • $817: Los Angeles
  • $828: Cincinnatti, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City

Many more cities are available for somewhat higher fares; click here to see the full list.

United's sale is on through Sept. 19 for flights through Dec. 5, with similar restrictions. Their fares are comparable, as well, so the question largely becomes which airline you prefer your frequent flier miles on, or which airline has the most service to your home town. Fares they're advertising to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro include:

  • $668: Miami
  • $768: New York
  • $818: Los Angeles
  • $848: Denver
  • $868: Washington, Chicago
  • $898: San Francisco

Check and buy these fares online at,1360,50062,00.html.

Before purchasing these fares, though, check with a consolidator like Intratours (, who might have much lower fares available. Intratours' sale page at is currently offering roundtrips from New York, Boston, Miami, Washington DC and Houston to Rio or Sao Paulo for under $500 before tax; flights from Chicago and Dallas are under $600, and flights from Denver are $615. That's more than $200 less than the United sale fare, making Intratours a mandatory stop if you're looking to book a Brazil trip.


More NZ News

We reported on low fares to New Zealand just last week, but Air New Zealand has dropped them even further. For travel through Nov. 15, they're offering tickets from LA to Auckland for $559 plus tax roundtrip. This is a truly extraordinary fare, and although the fare is theoretically available for purchase through Sept. 30, we imagine it will sell out quickly. Buy online at

Editor's Note

But wait! It gets even better! Not to be outdone, Qantas announced that it is offering the same LA-Auckland route for $52 bucks less -- starting from only $498. This out-of-this-world fare must be purchased by Wednesday, September 24 and only online at