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Spirit Brings Prices Down Further For Midweek Travelers

August 13, 2003 -- Apparently, discount airline Spirit is bored with their usual low prices. They've enhanced their perpetual online sale by knocking an additional $5 off fares for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (so that's $10 off if you fly both ways on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.)

Spirit is a solid discount airline, privately-held, with cross-country routes. They don't have the runway-model style of JetBlue, but they're generally on time and very affordable.

Their new Tuesday/Wednesday fares are available for purchase through August 18 for flights between August 19 and November 19. Book online at to get these fares or to find more discounted routes.

  • New York City to/from Orlando or Fort Lauderdale: $116 including tax
  • Atlantic City, NJ to/from Florida, Myrtle Beach or Detroit: $118 + tax
  • Chicago to/from Florida: $118 + tax
  • Denver to/from Fort Lauderdale: $138 + tax
  • New York City to/from Denver or Los Angeles: $188 + tax

These fares are the lowest we've seen, but the rash of sales recently has driven prices down all across the board. If spending $15 more on a Delta Song roundtrip will get you frequent-flier miles you covet, we say go for it, and compare prices by using Orbitz or Expedia. Just remember that those agencies overestimate Spirit's prices by up to $30, so don't trust any Spirit fare you find on sites other than