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Take a Long Weekend With Hertz, Avis and United

June 16, 2004 -- The summer is a time for long weekends and long drives. Now, Hertz and United are combining forces to stretch those weekends out further with a free rental car day.

The deal is simple and savory: book any flight on including a Saturday night stay, rent a Hertz car (also through for two nights including that key Saturday, and get a third day free. You can only get one free day, you must buy your ticket by July 22 for travel through Sept. 30, and you must be 25 years old.

This applies to any ticket bought on, and any size car from Hertz. You can't combine this deal with any other coupons or deals (so Hertz's Double Take promotion doesn't get you two free days, much as we'd like it to.)

To get your free rental car day, go to,6722,50742,00.html.

Would You Rather Have an Upgrade?

Perhaps you'd rather have a double upgrade than a free rental car day. That'd make sense to us if you were only taking your car for two days rather than three.

For a double upgrade through June 30, turn to Avis. You don't even have to book a flight with United to get this deal - just reserve your car using the link on to get a free double upgrade on cars at many airport locations in the US and Canada.

To get the double upgrade, you must book a two-day rental including a Saturday night, of either an intermediate or 2-Door full size car. An Intermediate car becomes a 4-door full size; a 2-Door full size becomes a premium car with XM satellite radio (yeah!) Book now, though, because at the end of the month, this deal goes away.