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That's the Spirit: 25%-Off Coupon for Flights

September 10, 2003 -- Spirit Airlines wants to be one of the big boys. The scrappy discount carrier is tired of being considered small fry, and has broken out with a new advertising campaign trying to upgrade its profile.

As part of their new moves, Spirit has an intriguing promotion going on with Orbitz (

Buy a roundtrip ticket on Spirit via Orbitz by September 16, and you'll get a 25%-off certificate for a Spirit-and-Orbitz flight purchased between Sept. 17 and Feb. 6. Both flights must be completed by Feb. 6.


Yes, there are ways to game this, but they're risky. For instance, if two people are traveling together, you can buy one ticket on Sept. 16, wait for the coupon to arrive by e-mail, and buy the other ticket on Sept. 17 for 25% off. Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll get the same base fare on two different days.

The 25%-off deal applies to the lowest fare you can find on Spirit via Orbitz. Somewhat lower fares may be available on Spirit's own Web site, That said, 25% off an Orbitz fare will usually be even lower than Spirit's own sales.

Spirit flies to several destinations in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale and Orlando; Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and Atlantic City. Spirit often has the lowest fares on the routes they serve, and fortunately you can check them against other airlines on Orbitz. For September dates we checked, here are some great fares we found on Spirit via Orbitz (fares include all taxes and fees):

  • New York -- Fort Lauderdale: $136
  • Chicago -- Tampa: $149
  • New York -- LA: $223 (but it's not nonstop)

Fares were slightly lower on Spirit's Web site; we found New York-Fort Lauderdale for $126 and Chicago-Tampa for $133 on But the 25% discount coupon swings things slightly in Orbitz's favor, especially for more expensive fares.

If you have firm plans to take two Spirit flights in the near future, book them through Orbitz and save on your second ticket. If you're even planning to take one flight on any of Spirit's routes, though, stay aware of the great deals offered by this established low-fare airline.