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The UK is OK With These Low Fares to Europe

Updated February 6, 2004 -- We've got some low fares to Europe for you today. pretty much always has low fares on highly-respected airlines. We're not allowed to tell you the names of the airlines they use, but we've heard them and were satisfied. Their latest fare deal covers trips to Europe booked through March 31, for travel through then. Two major advantages of these fares: there's no required advance purchase and no weekend surcharge, which means they're more likely than other fares to be available on the dates you actually want to travel. There's no guarantee the flights are nonstop, though.

FlyEurope's fares from the East Coast to London are nigh-unbeatable right now; their other fares are highly competitive with other sales such as those on Icelandair (, which we reported on last week. The current batch of fares (remember, add $100 or so tax to all of these for the real price you'll pay):

  • From New York: London $179, Paris $259, Frankfurt $277, Amsterdam $279.
  • From Boston or Washington: London $179; Paris, Frankfurt or Amsterdam $227
  • From Minneapolis: London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam all $227
  • From LA or San Francisco: London $309, Paris $369, Amsterdam $399, Frankfurt $409

Interested? Buy online at or call 800/359-3876.