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This One Plays in Peoria: Low Fares to Las Vegas

January 19, 2004 -- Allegiant Airlines believes Middle America doesn't get enough low-fare lovin'. So this small, Las Vegas-based carrier has specialized in sending folks who don't live on either coast to Sin City for low prices that are easy to find and easy to understand.

I've spoken to Allegiant execs enough times to know that they're on the level, even if they're an airline many people may not have heard of. They had a problem with delays last summer, but they've said they're working on that. Meanwhile, their fares are pretty great.

Here's the warning, though: their fares aren't as great as they show on their home page, Instead, you have to go to their booking page, where you'll see the fares for every flight for a month laid out in a clear grid. That's better, and clearer, than anything offered by other airlines.

Allegiant will take you to Las Vegas this winter for the following round-trip prices:

  • From Colorado Springs: $138
  • From Des Moines: $218
  • From Fresno: $78
  • From Lansing, Mich: $178 (only available on a few dates; usually $238)
  • From Peoria: $178 (starting in March)
  • From Wichita: $158

Of course, Allegiant will also get you out of Las Vegas to visit the in-laws or such for the same fares.

We found Allegiant's fares to be generally good, although in a few instances their fares were beaten by America West ( or ATA ( America West, for instance, can pull off $198 from Des Moines to Las Vegas, nonstop. As usual, shop around.

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