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Two Islands, Two-For-One Tickets in the Bahamas

October 24, 2003 -- There may be more than 700 islands in the Bahamas, but it's the two biggies that are offering the best deal this week. If you're a couple taking a winter trip to Nassau/Paradise Island or Grand Bahama Island, tap into this two-for-one air deal to save a big chunk o' cash.

The deal seems simple, but it has a catch. If you're two adults flying to Nassau or Freeport from Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Newark, New York/LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale between Nov. 14 and Feb. 8, you'll get two-for-one air tickets on Gulfstream International Airlines (from Florida) or US Airways (from everywhere else.)

The catch is that the trip has to be booked as part of a package from one of four approved suppliers:

When we checked these agencies' Web sites, we found only Liberty Travel and US Airways Vacations advertising the deal.

It's a good deal, though, and you save hundreds of dollars off similar packages booked with travel agencies not participating in the deal. We're happy to see many of our favorite resorts being offered, including the Atlantis mega-resort, the Sheraton Grand and even the super-deluxe Ocean Club. We checked packages for January dates with Liberty Travel and US Airways (with the deal) and Orbitz and Expedia (without), and here's what we found (all prices per couple):

  • Four nights at the Wyndham Nassau Resort, from Boston: $941 on US Airways; $1,403.28 on Expedia; $1,714 on Orbitz
  • Three nights at the Atlantis Beach Towers, from Boston: $1,023 from Liberty Travel; $2,687.60 on Expedia
  • Seven nights at the Sheraton Grand Resort Paradise Island, from New York: $1,814 on US Airways; $2,231.60 on Expedia; $2,562 on Orbitz

As you can see, if your Bahamas plans involve bringing a friend, this free-flight deal will put you in a top resort, during the high season, for less. That's certainly something to chuckle about.

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