August 5, 2004 -- Have you ever seen a travel deal, and thought, "No way. That can't be"? Or how about when you find out the savings are real? You're left sitting at your screen with your mouth agape and eyes wide like you just put a quarter in the slot machine and won five thousand dollars.

That "jackpot!" experience is exactly what it feels like when first finding the travel deals offered by Idyll Ltd.'s Untours vacation packages. Providing travelers with European travel deals that include airfare AND lengthy two weeks or more accommodations in comfortable vacation rental apartments or rural farmhouses at European travel hot spots, Untour vacation packages are travel the way it should be -- inexpensive, laid-back and so relaxing you could literally sleep the time away.


The company, founded in 1974 by an ex-history professor searching for the perfect European sabbatical, has just announced their fall travel specials. And, after three decades, they still continue a tradition that allows travelers to experience the city, country and surroundings like the locals do -- a far more genuine way to travel than being on the beach in an all-inclusive hotel.

Airfare is included and prices are per person for two weeks stays (that's right, two weeks) for travelers departing from New York or Boston. Other U.S. departures are slightly more expensive. Go to or call 888/868-6871 to speak with an Untours representative for information on other destinations such as Switzerland, Austria, Prague, Portugal, Provence, Germany, Budapest and other Untour European destinations. "Switzerland and Italy are always popular for us," says Brian Taussig-Lux, general manager of the company and nephew of Hal Taussig, the company's founder. "Prague is in big now too and we're expanding operations into Eastern Europe."

In addition to great deals on great places to stay, Untours offers their travelers ground transportation with a rental car or train passes, airport transfers and an English-speaking local available round the clock at each destination ready to help you with the in restaurants, fresh food markets, directions to sites and neighboring towns, local bars, and other insider info to help you enjoy your lengthy stay.


Other packaged deals offered by Idyll include "Untour Samplers" which allow travelers to enjoy two or more European destinations in one trip.

What do we like even more about Idyll Ltd. and its Untours vacations? They turn all profits into the Idyll Development Foundation that provides low-interest loans to smart business ideas from entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods worldwide. "My uncle was never very comfortable making money," said Taussig-Lux. "So he found a way to give it back." With prices on European travel like these, he already is.