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Grab a Perk-Heavy Alaska Cruise at a Serious Discount Right Now—It's Fully Refundable | Frommer's Maridav/Shutterstock

Grab a Perk-Heavy Alaska Cruise at a Serious Discount Right Now—It's Fully Refundable

If you have ever wanted to cruise Alaska, this head-turning deal is packed with benefits for the price—and you can even change your mind and get your money back later.

Back in December 2019, when no one yet realized travel—and life—was about to pause, we counted down the trends we thought were going to affect vacations in the coming year. 

The top trend? Climate change. Before it's too late, people want to see places that are the most impacted by our changing environment. Climate change has been temporarily bumped from the headlines, but the chance to see changing places is a big reason we were so excited to see this superb sale to Alaska.

The vacation in this case is on Holland America, the cruise company that pioneered Alaskan trips, and therefore has longstanding rights to go into many of the inlets and passageways other cruise lines are barred from visiting. For this reason, we often specifically recommend Holland America for Alaska cruises.

The deal is strong: Prices for a one-week vacation in an upgraded balcony cabin start at $1,149. That may not sound super-low, but it's the included extras that make this a real steal. The trip comes with unlimited free drinks including standard (not top-shelf) alcoholic drinks, bottled water, and specialty coffees.

But there's more. For that price, you'll also be able to eat in the ship's specialty restaurants without additional surcharges (a savings of about $29 per meal). Gratuities will also be included (a savings of over $100 per person), and each cabin will get a $50 credit plus two coupon books good for up to $700 in onboard savings. The final inclusion: 10% off shore excursions.  

The package is particularly good for families and close groups because Holland America's Alaska ships have notably roomy cabins that can be shared with third and fourth passengers at no additional cost. 

A deposit of $350 must be put down by January 13, but that is fully refundable. In fact, the complete cost of the cruise is refundable for those who cancel 90 days prior to sailing—voyages don't begin until May.

Those who pay in full for the trip by February 28 will get an additional 10% off and see a bump in their shipboard credit to $250. Click here to learn more or to book. 

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