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Announcing Frommer's Guides to Your Quarantine! | Frommer's  

Announcing Frommer's Guides to Your Quarantine!

Our latest (fake) guidebooks are your ticket to nowhere.

From the most trusted name in travel come these brand-new guides to getting the most from your quarantine—whether you prefer to spend your self-isolation period drinking in your living room or drinking in your bedroom. 

In the comprehensive Frommer’s Quarantine, our award-winning shut-ins show you all the highlights of sheltering in place—the TV bingeing, the enforced closeness with your loved ones, the chance to relearn long division with your homeschooled third grader—as well as hidden gems, such as the back of your closet (ideal for crying!), the social media feeds of your exes, and the can of pumpkin puree that’s been in your cupboard for seven years and probably tastes fine with tequila. 

Insights on the history and culture of your lockdown allow you to reflect on the distant, long-forgotten days of February 2020 and invite you to consider whether watching Trolls World Tour for the 37th time with your children will cause a psychotic break. 

Alternatively, pick up a copy of Frommer’s EasyGuide to Your Bed, Couch & Screaming Closet for portable, up-to-date advice on not going anywhere—plus, more tips for crying in your closet!

Our detailed itineraries are designed to help you make the most of your time, balancing must-do activities like compulsive hand washing with leisurely pursuits such as staring out the window at nothing. 

Interested in culinary travel? Sink your teeth into special sections entitled "Banana Bread: Whether You Like It or Not" and "How Can Making Sourdough Be This Friggin’ Difficult?" 

For active travelers, our up-to-date calendar of events has been left conveniently blank—use those pages to create signs reading “YOU’RE ON MUTE!” that you can hold up to your screen during video chats with clueless coworkers. 

Finally, we’re releasing a special #StayatHome Edition in our popular Day by Day series. 

Frommer’s Lockdown Day by Day by Day by Day by Day by Day by Day by Day by Day illustrates how, as Shakespeare once put it, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. 

Plus, tips for crying in your closet!

Available wherever fake books are sold. 

For more Frommer's titles—namely, the ones you can actually purchase to plan for the big trip we're all taking the minute this is over—visit our online store at

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