Three important recommendations for smart travel:  choosing an ethical destination, preparing your cellphone for cost-conscious travel, improving your trips through yoga
Three little-noticed websites can have a positive impact on your next trip:
Ethical travel: A group of good Samaritans preaches the message that we can have a more rewarding trip if we travel to ethical nations. And what is an "ethical" nation? It’s a democratic country that values its citizens, provides them with good health and respect, promotes culture, social welfare, human welfare, and human rights. They also protect their environment. And they are a developing country that does not automatically enjoy the resources of more established nations.
Which are currently the planet’s most ethical nations? They are currently, according to the group mentioned below, Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, Tonga, Uruguay, Palau, Mongolia, Samoa, Vanuatu and Cape Verde. For further details and a justification of these selections, go to
Cost-conscious cellphones: Most of us pay no heed to the proper use of our cellphones when we travel out of the country. And the result is that we run up frightening bills that ruin our day when the first notice arrives after we have returned home. An expert in travel technology is Angel Castellano, who appears as a speaker at numerous travel trade shows, and speaks of the simple steps we can take to avoid unexpected cellphone expenses. (He also talks about the proper, cost-conscious use of other travel devices.) You’ll do yourself a whale of good by consulting his website on travel technology, called
Using yoga to improve your travels: It may be that the current times (political and otherwise) are unusually full of anxiety and tension. Whatever the cause, journalist Erica Bray fervently believes that the proper use of yoga and meditation can work wonders with your travel. She cites, as only one example, proper breathing exercises that can assist you in hiking, in climbing hills and mountains, in swimming. You can read some of the recommendations from this astute observer right here on, including her recent feature about vacations around the world that incorporate yoga with sightseeing.