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Vintage Airline Uniforms, Vintage Lighthouses, and More: Today's Travel Briefing | Frommer's Wikimedia Commons

Vintage Airline Uniforms, Vintage Lighthouses, and More: Today's Travel Briefing

A roundup of news from all over
Here's what's happening today in the world of travel.

* COUNTRIES WHERE TOURISTS OUTNUMBER LOCALS (The Telegraph). According to numbers crunched by London's The Daily Telgraph, there are 51 countries where tourists outnumber locals. Using 2014 figures from the World Bank, the newspaper divided each country's total number of visitors by its population to come up with the list. Topping the chart is the tiny, mountainous principality of Andorra, a skiing mecca sandwiched between France and Spain. Andorra has just 70,000 permanent residents, yet received 2.36 million tourists in 2014. That comes out to 33.5 visitors per resident. Next comes popular gambling destination Macau (24.8 tourists per resident) and then three Caribbean spots: the British Virgin Islands (12.8), Turks and Caicos (10.4), and Aruba (10.3).

* SAN FRANCISCO AIRPORT EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS AIRLINE FASHIONS (Boston Globe). If you find yourself with some time to spare at San Francisco International Airport, you can inject a little glamour into your layover by checking out a new exhibit on old-school airline uniforms. The SFO Museum's "Fashion in Flight: A History of Airline Uniform Design" shows off nine decades' worth of garments worn by flight attendants, starting from the nurse-like look of the 1930s (complete with cape and hat), carrying into the classic Hollywood wasp-waisted silhouette of the '40s and '50s, and on into the present.

But if you have limited time, you'll want to head directly to the section celebrating the 1960s, when famous designers including Oleg Cassini and Cristóbal Balenciaga were hired by airlines to distinguish their "air hostesses" with bold hues, gogo boots, kicky hats, and other looks worthy of Mad Men
The exhibit runs through January 8; admission is free.


* WISCONSIN'S APOSTLE ISLANDS CELEBRATE HISTORIC LIGHTHOUSES (Chicago Tribune). Just in time for the National Park Service's 100th birthday on August 25, northern Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is opening an exhibit celebrating its nine lighthouses—the most within a single National Park Service jurisdiction. Built between 1856 and 1915, the beacons dot an archipelago of remote islands at the northern tip of the state's Bayfield peninsula. The lighthouses helped numerous boats navigate the icy waters of Lake Superior. Today, a multiyear, $7 million restoration project to restore these historic structures is almost complete.

The exhibit—featuring photos, maps, documents, and lots of rugged nautical yarns—is housed in the newly restored Michigan Island Lighthouse, the oldest of the bunch. If you visit from August 30 to September 17, you can take part in special events and tours offered during the annual Apostle Islands Lighthouse Celebration.
If you like lighthouses, this is your Woodstock.

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