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Automated Teller Machines provide convenient access to your accounts all around the world.

ATMs are linked to a network that most likely includes your bank at home. Cirrus (tel. 800/424-7787; and Plus (tel. 800/843-7587; are the two most popular networks in the U.S.; call or check online for ATM locations at your destination. Be sure you know your four-digit PIN access number before you leave home and be sure to find out your daily withdrawal limit before you depart. Note that many ATMs in foreign countries do not recognize a five- or six-digit PIN, so be sure you have a four-digit one before leaving home. You can also get cash advances on your credit card at an ATM. Keep in mind that credit card companies try to protect themselves from theft by limiting the funds someone can withdraw away from home. It's therefore best to call your credit card company before you leave and let them know where you're going and how much you plan to spend. You'll get the best exchange rate if you withdraw money from an ATM, but keep in mind that many banks impose a fee every time a card is used at an ATM in a different city or bank. On top of this, the bank from which you withdraw cash may charge its own fee.