7 Rookie Mistakes First-Time Cruisers Make

By Heidi Sarna

If you’re new to cruising, don’t fall prey to these potential pitfalls. Here are the top nine mistakes cruise newbies make and how to avoid them for smooth sailing, from the minute you walk up the gangway for the first time to the moment you disembark:

Free Techno-Gadgets For Your Trip To Japan!

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Fifty Tips for Planning an Affordable Trip to Australia

By Marc Llewellyn & Lee Mylne

Can't believe you can really travel and stay comfortably around this huge country for as little as $50 a day? It can be done.


Hassle-Free Holidays: Frommer's Tip List for Traveling Without a Worry

By The Frommer's Staff

Procrastinators will find sky-high air and rail fares for the turkey week right now, and Christmas and New Year's down the pike. There are a ways to reduce stress while saving time and money on these mandatory trips. Here are our tips for your holiday surviving travel.

The Longest Flight: Survival Tips for Hours in the Air

By Sascha Segan

When you're locked in a plane for long hours you have to worry about both your safety and your sanity. David Blaine had a team of doctors; you have us.

Tips For Foul Weather Travel

By The Frommer's Staff

Inclement weather can affect air travel in any season, even on the clearest of days. With some simple planning, you can alleviate the frustration so that a bad start doesn't carry over throughout your trip.

Packing Tips for Modern Travelers

By The Frommer's Staff

Some gentle advice on the best ways to pack for a trip to prevent your clothes from wrinkling and to keep you moving through those security lines.

Red Alert Checklist: What to Remember Before You Travel

By The Frommer's Staff

A quick reference to help you ask the pertinent questions for the best travel experience.