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Frommer's 2019 Instagram Travel Photo Contest Winners | Frommer's Pixabay

Frommer's 2019 Instagram Travel Photo Contest Winners

Our Instagram followers submitted over 300 entries to our 2019 travel photo contest. Introducing the winners.

When we put out a call for submissions for our 2019 Instagram travel photo contest, our followers rose to the occasion with over 300 entries. Some pictures were taken with sophisticated equipment, others on iPhones. Some compositions took us to lakes and mountains; others captured city streets and ancient ruins. All of the photographs radiate a deep love of travel. Many thanks to all the talented Instagrammers who shared their exhilarating work with us. Follow them all on Instagram.

1st prize (a 1-day takeover of Frommer’s Instagram account, plus 4 Frommer’s guidebooks): Luke Yeung @luke.outside

Lijiang, China

About the photo:

"It’s always fascinating to see the mixture between formal and informal things in the places that I visit. In Lijiang, you will find well-detailed and preserved architecture and streets. Many of these buildings are hundreds of years old. But it is the ephemeral things, like a loose string of paper lanterns, or the people arriving to bring their produce to the marketplaces, that really bring color and life into these spaces and neighborhoods. The old towns like Lijiang really become like a mise-en-scène and a stage for these temporal activities."

About the photographer:

Originally from Hong Kong and Canada, Luke Yeung has spent most of his life based in Bangkok, Thailand, capturing the intensity and urban development of Asia and Southeast Asia. Having trained in architecture, he often captures buildings and spaces as main elements in his images as a means to reflect on the people and culture of the place.

To learn more about Luke, visit

2nd prize (Frommer’s Facebook cover photo, plus 3 Frommer’s guidebooks): Jenny Wong @jdubcaptures

Lake Minnewanka, Alberta, Canada

About the photo:

"When adventuring, we can’t expect perfect conditions. Out exploring night-sky photography, I was hoping for clear skies, no moon, and no light pollution. It was nothing of that sort—in fact, a full moon, and a sky full of clouds. Who knew it was the perfect storm for such a dramatic shot?! Opportunities to embrace the adventure when things go awry often produce the things we talk about for years to come."

About the photographer:

Jenny is a thrill-seeking adventurer from Canada who calls the Rockies home. Her love for wildlife and desolate scenery has taken her all over the map—from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the frozen wilderness of Antarctica. Without quite realizing it, she became a storyteller along the way, focusing on giving a voice to the habitats and creatures that don’t have one. Join her on Instagram for photos of an incredibly rare expedition on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

3rd prize (2 Frommer’s guidebooks): Tammy Maring @tammy_maring

Gudvangen Fjord, Norway

About the photo:

“We travelled to Norway in July 2018 to celebrate my son's high school graduation. This particular day, we spent the morning and afternoon kayaking the Nærøyfjord. We stopped for a barbecue lunch on a small area of grass and a large, flat rock near the water. Although the water was frigid, Norway was experiencing an unusually hot, dry summer and we had been paddling through some rough water. While everyone else sat to enjoy their lunch and the amazing view, my son decided to cool off by jumping off the rock. I grabbed my camera and had him jump off several times to get the perfect shot, which he didn't seem to mind at all!”

About the photographer:

Tammy is an occupational therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two of her favorite things are traveling and photography. Although she has traveled to many countries, her goal is to retire early and travel the globe. Her all-time favorite destination is a toss-up between Thailand and Norway.

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