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Flipboard Travel: Find Frommer's Information for Your Next Trip on This Free App | Frommer's  

Flipboard Travel: Find Frommer's Information for Your Next Trip on This Free App

How the free Flipboard app makes saving the ideas you find on Frommer's even easier

Airfares are surging. Travel scams are getting more sophisticated. New visa programs are being put into place for Europe, passport applications are taking triple the normal amount of time, and there are new regulations concerning everything from car rentals to eating on the street. To say that planning and executing a rewarding vacation is becoming an ever more complex endeavor would be an understatement.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be partnered with the social magazine app Flipboard. Flipboard makes it easy to find intriguing news, cultural reporting, and yes, travel info from across the web.

Flipboard users can then organize the articles, videos and podcasts they find in their own Magazines, which makes them easier to share with friends and other enthusiasts.

On the Frommer’s front, we’re organizing our own material to help travelers find the info they’re looking for—fast.

For example: if you’re planning a trip to one of the Disney properties—whether it be Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney resort, tour, or cruise ship—you’ll want to visit our “Disney Vacations of All Sorts” Flipboard Magazine, a collection of all our recent articles on traveling with the Mouse. As Frommer’s readers know, our coverage of this topic is the most honest, usefully detailed, and helpful you’ll find on the web.

If you’re looking to travel somewhere in the United States this summer, we have a Magazine on that, as well as one on “Foodie Travel,” and another on top travel hacks of all sorts. Heck, we even have a Flipboard Magazine for those who might not be traveling but just love looking at gorgeous travel photographs.

With Frommer’s great content powered by Flipboard’s intuitive, smart curation feeds and tools, it’s never been easier to get the information you need to plan the best possible vacation.

We hope you’ll visit our many Flipboard Magazines and Storyboards on the Flipboard app.

How it works: Download the Flipboard app, save content you like in a Flipboard Magazine, and connect with other travel enthusiasts, like our own Pauline Frommer, in collections including “The Travel Exchange.