Bulls Before Breakfast: A Conversation with Bull-Running Enthusiast Peter Milligan

By Ross Walker

Arthur and Pauline Frommer sit down with Peter Milligan, author of Bulls Before Breakfast: Running with the Bulls and Celebrating Fiesta de San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain.

Which Hotel Brands Do the Best Job? The J.D. Power & Associates Results Are In

By Ross Walker

Pauline and Arthur Frommer discuss the findings of J.D. Power and Associates' North American Hotel Satisfaction Study with the survey company's Rick Garlick.

How to Craft the Perfect Itinerary for Any Destination

By Pauline Frommer

Vacation time is precious. Here are our top tips on how to make the most of your days (and nights) when on holiday.


After the Amtrak Accident: Why Did It Happen, and What Can We Do Going Forward?

By Ross Walker

Arthur and Pauline Frommer sit down with Jim Matthews, President and CEO of the National Railroad Passengers Association, to discuss the Amtrak accident in Philadelphia.

The Ladies of Managua: A Tour of Nicaragua from a Novel Perspective

By Ross Walker

Arthur and Pauline Frommer chat with Eleni Gage, author of The Ladies of Managau, and talk about her experiences while living in Nicaragua.

Hemingway's Paris: A Writer's City Through Words and Pictures

By Ross Walker

Walk the streets of Paris as Hemingway did and take a step back into the romantic 1920s using Robert Wheeler's new book, Hemingway's Paris: A Writer's City Through Words and Pictures.

Arthur Frommer's Reaction to the President's Announcement Regarding the Travel Embargo Against Cuba

By Arthur Frommer

"Although it will make headlines, the announcement of these embargo modifications is of far less substance than meets the eye."

7 Popular Tourist Traps — and Where to Go Instead

By Bob Payne

Ever wonder why tourist traps are so popular? Sometimes, it’s as simple as name recognition, created by effective marketing, and a lack of knowledge about other choices.

La Soirée, the Burlesque Cabaret New York is Talking About: Frommer's and City Buzz Are Wowed

By City Buzz

Cerato, the Chicago Boutique Dedicated to Chicago Fashion: Frommer's and City Buzz Visit

By City Buzz

Which Circle Line Tour Is Right for You? Frommer's and City Buzz Do Manhattan

By City Buzz

Powerful Play About a Notorious Murder Wows the Stars: Frommer's and City Buzz on Broadway

By City Buzz

Repositioning Cruises: Long Days, Low Prices

By Heidi Sarna

Is a repositioning cruise right for you? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, plus check out these sample cruise deals for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.

A Shakespeare Weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon

By Donald Olson

The opening of the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre gives theatre-lovers a special incentive to visit the town where Shakespeare was born.

Memorial Cruises Honor the 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the "Titanic"

By Heidi Sarna

The Titanic lives on in memorial cruises that are set to sail in April 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.

Seattle's Gay-Friendly Neighborhoods Decorate with Public Art

By Kelsy Chauvin

Despite its reputation for stormy weather, Seattle is adorned with a surprising variety of outdoor art across its many gay-friendly neighborhoods.

The Best Beaches and Ports for Cruisers

By Heidi Sarna

By the time your ship docks in port, you want to make a beeline for the beach. Don't know where to go? Here are the best beaches in some of the top cruise ports around the world.

Cruising in Asia Aboard Costa Allegra

By Heidi Sarna

Cruising in Asia can be a convenient way to explore new cultures in comfort. Sailing aboard the intimate Costa Allegra is just one way to see Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and more.

Singapore: 9 Offbeat Port Activities

By Heidi Sarna

If your ship calls on Singapore or you've got a day or two to kill before boarding, you have two choices: see Singapore the predictable way -- Chinatown, the Night Safari, Botanical Garden -- or seek out the local secrets. Allow us to show you the quirkier side.

After the Quake: Chile's Tourism is Open for Business

By Christie Pashby

Many of Chile's major tourist areas, including Easter Island and Patagonia, survived the 8.8-magnitude earthquake. Now could be an excellent time to visit, especially since the country needs our tourist dollars to rebuild.

Photo Slideshow: The Art Lover's Tour of Provence

By Anna E. Brooke

From Monet to Van Gogh to Matisse and up through Picasso, artists have gravitated toward Provence's vivid sunlight and vibrant landscape for centuries. Here's how you can follow their trail.

Leaving the Strip for Las Vegas' Two World-Class Museums

By Pauline Frommer

Las Vegas has developed two cutting-edge museums that offer visitors a deeply intellectual yet fun escape from the often mindless entertainments of the city.

3 Family Cruises for Smarty Pants and Their Parents

By Heidi Sarna

Sick of shopping in mega-ports? For families who want to learn something about where they're going, here are three immensely appealing cruise companies.

7 Ways to Chase New Orleans' Literary Ghosts

By Janis Turk

From Faulkner to Tennessee Williams to Truman Capote and more -- jump on the trail of great southern writers in New Orleans.

10 Ways to See London Theater for Less

By Jason Cochran

If you leave London without seeing at least one stage show, then you'll have missed one of this city's most glittering attractions. Here's how to spend less money doing it.