Because America appears so enamored of Twitter, I’ve decided to substitute a Twitter-like appraisal of some 11 tropical islands, each limited to 140 characters apiece, in place of the usual, wordy, lengthier descriptions normally found in this space. The quick descriptions that follow are of islands where I’ve vacationed or visited—and I hope they prove helpful in choosing your own next trip to the Tropics:
ARUBA: Mainly high-rise hotels on superb beaches, but heavy emphasis on casino gambling attracts a harsh crowd
BONAIRE: Scuba capital of the world; its low-rise hotels offer resort courses taking you 60 feet below the sea
CURACAO: So-so beaches, but superb attractions of Caribbean culture and history will enchant you
CUBA: Always provocative, but lack of hotel space requires you book an often-uncomfortable private apartment
ST. THOMAS: Excellent beaches, a broad assortment of hotels; heavy emphasis on shopping; heavily visited
ST. JOHN: Excellent beaches, but only three resorts: one of low-cost eco-huts, one of deluxe quality; one in between

JAMAICA: Fine beaches, endless hotels, excellent food; and constant entertainment of unique music and dance
PUERTO RICO: Easily reached and without a passport; fine beaches; and currently full of discounts because of low bookings
MUSTIQUE: Fiendishly expensive hotels for the world’s top 1%; not for normal people
ST. LUCIA: Excellent beaches, superb cuisine, but many hotels on steep seaside cliffs, requiring you walk up and down to the beach
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Its all-inclusive resorts (one price for everything) are the area’s cheapest, especially on an air-and-land package