Frommer's is about vacation travel but, in a crisis, it's important to offer support to those in need. Our thoughts are with all Haitians -- in Haiti and those living in North American and other parts of the world -- as well as with people who are in Haiti on humanitarian missions.

The full impact of the earthquake has not yet been assessed, but we do know that the survivors need immediate help.

In addition to financial donations, pledge the most valuable resource-- your time. And, volunteer your other skills, whether it's the ability to speak French, Creole or to do carpentry.

Let's pitch in together to rebuild Haiti and save as many lives as possible: Haiti needs your help now. These are sanctioned, legitimate places to offer support:

  • American Red Cross (2025 E Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006; tel. 800/REDCROSS; The American Red Cross is sending money, supplies and staff to help Haiti recover and rebuild right now.
  • William J. Clinton Foundation (55 West 125th St., New York, NY 10027; Former president Bill Clinton is UN Special Envoy for Haiti. His foundation is dedicated to helping the country recover and establish a sustainable future.
  • The Global Syndicate ( Even before this devastating earthquake, The Global Syndicate worked to improve life in Haiti. Now, all proceeds will go to the relief efforts through Project Medishare ( and Yele Haiti (see below).
  • Yele Haiti (PO Box 2345, New York, NY 10108; tel. 212/352-0552; Grammy-award winning musician Wyclef Jean grew up in Brooklyn but has not forgotten his Haitian roots. As Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti, he is mobilizing emergency relief.

If you have missing family members living or working in Haiti, call the State Department hotline: tel. 888/407-4747 or submit requests for survivor information: