How Tourists Can Buy Marijuana in Colorado

By Jason Cochran

Hey, it's perfectly legal! Unlike California or other states with partial legalization of pot and cannabis products, Colorado doesn't require a medical reason to purchase it—tourists can partake as well. But it's not as easy as a McDonald's drive-through, and there are still rules. Here's what you need to know to buy a high:

Tips for Booking a Hotel in Amsterdam

By Tom Meyers

Navigating all of the accommodation choices can be a bit confusing. Which neighborhood? How many stars? What’s in the rooms? What’s a good deal? We're here to help.

Arthur Frommer's Reaction to the President's Announcement Regarding the Travel Embargo Against Cuba

By Arthur Frommer

"Although it will make headlines, the announcement of these embargo modifications is of far less substance than meets the eye."


Using Contactless Credit Cards When You Travel

By Jason Cochran

The new twist in credit card purchases is contactless payment—how does it work, and can you use your credit card on vacation?

7 Popular Tourist Traps — and Where to Go Instead

By Bob Payne

Ever wonder why tourist traps are so popular? Sometimes, it’s as simple as name recognition, created by effective marketing, and a lack of knowledge about other choices.

Travel Safety: The Economic Situation in Greece

By Sherry Marker

What will Greece's ongoing financial woes mean for travelers? Follow these tips for safe and easy travel during Greece's economic troubles, including how to prepare yourself for any transit-related strikes.

Video Report: New York City on a Budget

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer joins CNN's Richard Quest to demonstrate how travelers can make the most out of New York City by spending less.

How Parisians Work: 4 Productive Visits for Travelers

By Margie Rynn

True, you can't visit the offices and workshops where millions of Parisians earn their daily bread, but there are a few places -- from auctions to open studios -- you can go to see them in action.

Video Report: Berlin 20 Years After the Fall of the Wall

By Pauline Frommer

The entire world watched this week as jubilant Germans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. For many it was a keen reminder of what a vital, unusual and eminently visitable city Berlin has become.

Shop Smart: Discount Shopping Streets Across Paris

By Margie Rynn

Though boutiques throughout Paris might seem uniformly expensive, there are a few discount-packed streets where those in the know go to stock their wardrobes and apartments with clothes and knickknacks at significantly reduced prices.

Video Report: Since It's Thursday, It Must Be Belgium!

By Pauline Frommer

Is Belgium the most under-appreciated country in Europe? Pauline Frommer thinks so and in this week's interview, she's looking to fix that.

Video Report: More Than Just Pretty Leaves! The Charms of New England

By Pauline Frommer

On this week's destination report, Pauline Frommer discusses the must-have experiences of a New England vacation.

Video Report: On the Ground in Mexico City

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer joins CNN from Mexico City to share her insights on the city's food scene, must-see sights, and getting around one of the world's largest cities.

Video Report: The New Face of Portugal

By Pauline Frommer

With its cultural richness and physical beauty, tiny Portugal is pulling in more visitors. Pauline Frommer visits CNN to explain how you can make the most of your next trip to the Iberian Peninsula's smallest sibling.

Video Report: Thailand Travel Basics

By Pauline Frommer

Has there ever been a better time to visit Thailand? Guided tour prices have dropped to as little as $36 per day, while the cost of independent travel can be even lower. Pauline tells you how to do it.

Video Report: With the Swiss You Can't Miss

By Pauline Frommer

Why are the Swiss considered to be among the happiest people in the world? And how can you taste a bit of that bliss when you vacation there?

Video Report: Exploring Naples and Pompeii

By Pauline Frommer

Where to find Naples' best pizza, how see Pompeii for less, and more tips on visiting the Amalfi Coast.

6 Ways to Flamenco in Madrid

By Frommer's Staff

Flamenco's tangled musical roots sprout from Andalusia, but the current artistic revival began in Madrid in the 1980s and no where else offers as much variety.

Video Report: How to Get Great Deals in London

By Pauline Frommer

Want to see London for less? Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share saving tips like why you should say no to sightseeing pass and where you can sleep for £22 a night.

5 Things You Don't Know About Melbourne

By Lee Mylne

Melbourne has carved a niche as the hippest city in Australia -- with a European style that her rival Sydney can't match -- and possessing both elegance and edge in equal measure.

Video Report: L.A. Beyond the Stars

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share things to do in Los Angeles for both movie and TV buffs and travelers who want nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

5 Things You Don't Know About Paris

By Margie Rynn

With a little bit of insider information, travelers can discover the affordable side of the French capital, while still enjoying its many pleasures.

Video: Wine Country Getaways

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share tips for exploring California wine country near San Francisco.

Video: Travelers Explore President Obama's Roots

By Pauline Frommer

Travel expert Pauline Frommer visits CNN to talk about the business of travel based on a president's roots.

Travel Writing 101: Becoming an Expert

By Robert Haru Fisher

Want to get a writing assignment? Make a name for yourself by developing expertise based on geography and curiosity.