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Answer Key to the Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt

Let's see who won the Scavenger Hunt! Click here for the rules and the challenges.

Historic Sights

1) The three statues of historic figures in Union Square Park depict Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and George Washington (whose equestrian statue is the oldest statue owned by the New York City Parks Department).

2) The poet is Emma Lazarus and her former home is at 18 West 10th St.

3) The author is Mark Twain and his former home is at 14 West 10th St.

4) The building that once housed the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, site of one of the worst fires in U.S. history—and the impetus for the passage of important factory safety regulations in New York City and across the country—is at 23–29 Washington Place.

5) C. O. Bigelow Apothecaries is at 414 Avenue of the Americas (a.k.a. 414 Sixth Avenue).

6) The Jefferson Market Library, formerly a courthouse, is at 425 Avenue of the Americas (a.k.a. 425 Sixth Avenue). Henry K. Thaw, the man who murdered Stanford White, was arraigned here.

7) A statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi stands behind of one of Washington Square Park's two playgrounds. The sculptor Giovanni Turini was an Italian immigrant who served as a volunteer in Garibaldi's regiment during the war between Italy and Austria in 1866.

8) The arch is at the Fifth Avenue end of Washington Square Park. It has 42 capital Ws carved into its frieze.

9) The Washington Square Hotel, which has had many names and many famous guests over the years (most stayed here when this was very inexpensive), is at 103 Waverly Place.

10) The recording studio is called Electric Lady Studios. It's at 52 West 8th Street.

Neighborhood Sights

1) The rooster is on the awning of Num Pang Sandwich Shop at 28 E. 12th Street.

2) Otto Restaurant is our palindrom. It's at One Fifth Avenue.

3) The cobblestone street is between Fifth Avenue and University Place, halfa block uptown of Washington Square Park.

4) The preschool is part of First Presbyterian Church and is at 12 West 12th Street. Look closely and you'll see artwork done by the children in some of the windows.