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Expectant Mommies Start Packing: Time for a Babymoon

A new craze has hit the pre- and post-natal travel industry. Defined as a romantic getaway or quiet time spent together by expectant parents or parents and their new-born babies, say hello to the babymoon.

A new craze has hit the pre- and post-natal travel industry. Defined as a romantic getaway or quiet time spent together by expectant parents or parents and their new-born babies, say hello to the babymoon. With an up tick in desire to celebrate the coming of a child or enjoy the brief quiet before the enduring storm that will change your life forever, travel resources and deals geared toward the babymoon trend are popping up at spas and resorts as well as all over the Internet.

Ashley King's in the middle of the craze. Expecting her first child, King of South Carolina started looking for a vacation spot for one last romantic getaway between her and her hubby before her baby arrived. She couldn't believe how stressful it was to pick a place. Do they do pre-natal massage? Just in case, how close was the nearest hospital? Would the bathrobe fit? After finally choosing a destination as well as delivering her baby, Ashley thought how nice it would be if other mommies-to-be had a resource for trips before or after the arrival of their newborn child.

Motivated and resourceful, King started, a website devoted to the travel trend to help expectant couples easily find getaway spots before their babies arrive. King's goal is to have 500 babymoons listed across North America by next July. "Ten months of preparing for a baby can take its toll on couples," writes King via e-mail. "After baby comes, many times couples spend most of their time and attention with the newborn and lose track of their partner in the process. The babymoon helps couples reconnect, relax, and rejuvenate to make the transition between husband and wife and mom and dad a little smoother."

The simple site has a "Find a Babymoon" section that lists resorts and packages by state. While King admits it's not the definitive source for every babymoon excursion available, she does think it makes it easier to find a pre-child vacation. Check out King's site for a closer look at her current babymoon listings.

If you're in the New England area, The Topnotch Resort and Spa (tel. 800/451-8686;, one of Vermont's most prestigious spas, recently introduced a babymoon mountain romance package called the "One Last Fling Getaway." Included in the price of the package, starting at $546 per night for a midweek stay, are breakfast for two, a 50-minute spa treatment, an intimate full-service dinner for two at the four-star restaurant, complementary champagne (or sparkling cider) and chocolates, and a discount on a couples massage at the hotel's internationally-known spa.

"We've noticed mothers-to-be are more aware of the benefits of massage during pregnancy and are visiting us for maternity massages," said Shelia Cleary, Director of Marketing and Sales at Topnotch Resort and Spa. "Coupling this demand with our continuing desire to offer creative new programs for our guests, we developed the 'One Last Fling Getaway' for couples seeking time alone before baby arrives."

Out West in California near beautiful Mendocino, Besides Still Waters Farm (tel. 877/230-2171; also offers a babymoon package. Starting at $70 plus normal hotel rates, babymooner packages include a Birth and Beyond Delivery Kit that includes a nursing gown, special creams, lip balm, a headband to keep hair out of the way during breast feeding, treaded socks, and other enticements for traveling with a newborn. A massage for dad is available for $75. Expectant moms get a gift for their coming baby.

Babymoons have become so popular that even one of our own writers, Charis Atlas Heelan, took a babymoon with her recent newborn. Memories were top of mind for her, her husband and new daughter Ella. "No work, no phone calls, no interruptions, lots of photos and stories to tell, her first swim in a swimming pool (a priceless video moment) and a trip out to the desert," recounts Charis. "I would recommend it to other parents because they probably need a break after the first few months of being a new family and the sooner they get a baby accustomed to flying, the better it will be for future flights."

Interested in taking a relaxing babymoon yourself and have some questions? Check out the Family Travel Message Boards to talk more about babymoon trips.