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March Madness Lasts All the Way through 2003 for Condo Rentals in Orlando

Okay, Florida's high season is drawing to a close, and prices have got to come down. The owners of Global Marketing Services are positioning themselves to be the leader of the price cut pack. To that purpose, they've just announced that they will rent their three-bedroom condos down there for just $79 a night.

That's the rate at Orlando's Windsor Palms Resort, one of three communities participating in the sale that lasts through December 31, 2003. At the same venue, a three-bedroom townhouse or a three-bedroom standard home goes for just $89 a night; a three-bedroom "executive home" is only $99 a night.

Not far away are the Glenbrook Resort and Westridge Estates, where a three-bedroom standard home goes for $79 a night, a three-bedroom executive home for $89 a night. These pretax rates are $60 to $100 off their regular off their regular pricing. All three properties are within 15 minutes of Walt Disney World.

Global says it is the predominant property management company in each of the three communities mentioned, claiming to offer the largest selection of two- and three-bedroom condos, three- to six-bedroom houses with private pool and three-bedroom town homes with private lanai & splash pool. There are nine different floor plans to choose from. They warn also that some holiday black out dates apply to these bargain rates.

The company's Web site has details and good photos of many rentals properties. For more information, contact Global Marketing Vacation Services, Inc. at 888/464-6353, 352/241-8727, fax 352/241-8721, e-mail, Web site

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