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The Cost of a Trek to Mount Everest Is No Longer So Steep | Frommer's Daniel Prudek/ Shutterstock

The Cost of a Trek to Mount Everest Is No Longer So Steep

Book with the right company and the adventure can also be fully refundable.

Aside from the ones belonging to Barbra Streisand and Alfred Hitchcock, there is perhaps no more famous profile on the planet than Mount Everest's.

And you don't even have to ascend to the summit to enjoy it. One of Nepal's most popular multiday walking treks delivers tourists to the bottom of Mount Everest's flanks.

We have found a guided walk to the famed Everest Base Camp that costs a little over $100 a day for 11 nights.

The adventure includes your hiking tour to Base Camp, where you can see the world's tallest mountain with your own eyes. Also covered: all accommodations, a helicopter ride, a champagne breakfast (at the Everest View Hotel), daily breakfast, and more. The price even includes an English-speaking trekking guide and a porter who can carry your pack.


While you won't summit the mountain—that's vastly more dangerous and requires specialized equipment and training— you will get to explore many of the areas of gorgeous Sagarmatha National Park, which is home to red pandas, snow leopards, musk deer, and other critters. Additionally, you'll have two days to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kathmandu.

Obviously, you won't be going to Nepal anytime soon, so we wouldn't be telling you about this offer unless it had a long shelf life. If you grab this bargain now, you have until December 2022 to go. The deal is fully refundable as long as you cancel at least 30 days before your booked departure date.

One note: The $1,499 price for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure does not include airfare to Kathmandu, where the itinerary starts. 


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